Kuckoo’s Emma teardrop trailer offers a stylish and functional outdoor living space

Kuckoo Camper Emma Glass Door Teardrop Trailer
The Kuckoo Emma has a panoramic interior driven by oversized glass doors and windows. Images © Kuckoo Camper

Kuckoo Camper, a German company, introduced the Bruno squaredrop camping trailer two years ago, causing a stir in the European small camping trailer market. The Bruno was an innovative all-roader with a rooftop deck and an indoor/outdoor kitchen. Kuckoo is now back with a new model, the Kuckoo Emma, which is a lighter and more nature-bound trailer that is less rugged and smaller than the Bruno. The Emma has a panoramic interior that is driven by oversized glass doors and windows.

The Kuckoo Emma was displayed as a prototype at the CMT show in Stuttgart last month, and it is still under development. The trailer is a smaller, more compact version of the Bruno, and it is only 11.4 feet (3.5 m) long, which is 3 feet (90 cm) shorter than the Bruno. The trailer weighs less than 882 lb (400 kg), making it lightweight and easy to tow with a large variety of vehicles.

What sets the Kuckoo Emma apart from other trailers is its glass door design. The camper comes standard with a pair of counter-opening glass doors on the passenger side, and the driver’s side has the same setup as an option. When the doors are open, they give the trailer a more spacious, airy feel, erasing the divide between indoor and outdoor living. When the doors are closed, the view outside is not lost.

The Emma has a light wood interior paneling that complements the glass, creating a bright living space. The trailer’s layout is straightforward, with a folding mattress serving as both a sofa and a 58 x 79-in (147 x 200-cm) near-queen-size double bed. The front cabinet provides ample cubby space and a shelf, while additional storage wraps around the overhead space near the ceiling.

Kuckoo Camper Emma Kitchen Slide
Kuckoo Emma’s indoor/outdoor kitchen slide.

The kitchen is at the rear of the trailer, and it has a larger shelf with removable tops that provide access to the kitchen slide below. The indoor/outdoor kitchen design features a 37-in-long (95-cm) slide that houses a portable stove, dishes, and other cooking and serving provisions. At the front, a separate slide-out creates a worktop for prep and storage.

The Kuckoo Emma is not designed for all-terrain tires like the Bruno; instead, it has smaller, smoother rubber tires that are better suited for pavement and possibly the occasional smooth, flat dirt road. The Emma does not have a roof rack like the Bruno, and it is less suitable for full overlanding or gritty off-road primitive camping. However, the cabin itself offers an impressive amount of scenic, fresh-air design, and it does not need a separate deck space.

Kuckoo Camper Emma Optional Second Glass Door
The optional second glass door entry gives the trailer a more spacious, airy feel.

The Kuckoo Emma is still in development, and the company plans to launch it for orders in early 2024. The pricing for the trailer is not listed yet, but the larger Bruno trailer starts at €17,490 (approx. US$18,680).

In conclusion, the Kuckoo Emma is a new and innovative camping trailer that is designed to be lighter and more nature-bound than the Bruno. Its panoramic interior and glass door design make the trailer feel larger than its small size. The Emma’s light wood interior paneling complements the glass, creating a bright living space. The indoor/outdoor kitchen design is a thoughtful feature that maximizes space, and the trailer’s lightweight design makes it easy to tow with a variety of vehicles. The Kuckoo Emma is a fantastic option for camping enthusiasts who value innovative design and the natural surroundings of their camping destination.

Kuckoo Camper Emma Trailer Rear Windshield
Kuckoo Emma’s wide rear windshield adds to the panoramic view.

Source: Kuckoo Camper