Wehead: The future of spatial communication and immersive telepresence

Wehead Spatial Communication Device
Wehead is the first spatial video communication device for hosts to perceive remote guests naturally in three dimensions. Images © Wehead

As the world becomes increasingly digital, virtual communication tools have become a necessity for many businesses and individuals. However, traditional video conferencing software often fails to deliver the same level of engagement as face-to-face communication. Enter Wehead: the first spatial video communication device that allows hosts to perceive remote guests in three dimensions and for guests to immerse in real meeting space.

Wehead is the brainchild of Zero Distance, a company that has developed proprietary avatar technology to create a physical experience of a person virtually. The device provides an experience of the physical presence of a remote person in the room through 3D screens and head gestures, creating a deeper sense of intimacy within a conversation, whether conducted in-person or remotely.

Wehead is available in two models: the Wehead Founders Edition (FE) and the Wehead Pro. The Wehead FE is a standalone device designed to represent a remote person physically in the meeting room or home office. It provides all the essentials of in-person meetings, including eye contact, full-size facial features, expressions and reactions, spatial speech, and head gestures. The Wehead FE is produced with biodegradable plastic and has a serial number engraved. The first 100 customers will become members of the Wehead Founding Users club and receive unique NFT tokens to reflect the company’s milestone launch. The Wehead FE is priced at $1555 and is estimated to be delivered in March 2023.

The Wehead Pro, priced at $4555, enhances sensory perception with the most advanced avatar technologies, including a binaural mic to capture surrounding voices from the whole room, a 3-axis motor for the most realistic gestures replay, and a stereo camera for VR headsets integration. The Wehead Pro is made with premium finishing and materials and comes with 10 hours of battery life and up to 3 hours of talk time.

Wehead allows guests to control the device using their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. They can simply move their head, and the device will repeat the movements, allowing them to look around through the device’s camera and observe the environment, turning to different people in a conference room to keep up a conversation.

Wehead Spatial Communication Device Meeting
Guest head movements are mimicked by the Wehead’s motors in real time.

Wehead also offers full-size face features that are embodied by HD displays forming a head shape, head gestures that mimic guest head movements in real time, and eye contact that feels incredibly real because the camera is positioned right at the “eye’s display.” The device also features spatial audio, with a mic and speaker that move together with the head, allowing both guests and hosts to sense each other’s presence in the rooms.

Wehead is exceptionally good at recreating the feeling that the person is actually there with you. You can see the guest’s face and expressions, to whom the guest is talking to in the room, or what one is looking at, precisely. According to Pavel Rekunov, Head of Product at Wehead, “By using Wehead, one can feel as if been teleported into the host’s environment, being able to look around and communicate freely with anyone, not being restrained by the rectangle of the screen and the position of one’s camera.”

Wehead Spatial Communication Device Telepresence
Wehead mentions that it feels incredibly real due to the fact that the camera is positioned right at the “eye’s display.”

Wehead also offers future integration with ChatGPT assistant, “connect to laptop” mode, and compatibility with Google Meet & Zoom, MS Teams, and Meta Quest Pro. As virtual workspaces become increasingly popular, the future of Wehead is looking very promising. Could we soon see the day when we all use the device for virtual communication?

In conclusion, Wehead is a game-changer in the world of virtual communication. With its ability to create a physical experience of a person virtually, Wehead is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with others in remote locations.

Source: Wehead