Fabriga Modula ebike adapts to users’ varying needs

Fabriga Modula Modular eBike
The Modula showcasing its staggered, dual-level seating arrangement. Images © Fabriga

In the ever-evolving landscape of personal transportation, cargo e-bikes have emerged as an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to conventional automobiles. However, the requirements of e-bike riders may shift over time, and that’s where the groundbreaking Modula e-bike comes in. Recently unveiled by Italian e-bike manufacturer Fabriga at the Cargo Bike Summit in London, the Modula has a unique modular design that can be tailored to serve a wide array of purposes.

The innovative design of the Modula consists of three bolt-together compartments: the steering compartment which includes the front wheel and handlebars, the motor compartment, and the tail. The front section remains constant, but the motor and tail compartments offer tremendous flexibility.

The motor compartment of the Modula can be customized with various capacities of Brose motors. This allows the user to adjust the power based on the load they are typically carrying, such as heavier weights when transporting children. The Modula can also be configured without a motor, providing a purely human-powered cycling experience for those who prefer it.

However, it is the tail compartment that truly sets the Modula apart. It can be configured in several ways including a large flat rear cargo deck; a long cargo space with a seat/rack above the rear wheel; two elevated seats with running boards for passenger footrest; a lower middle seat suitable for a toddler and a higher rear seat for an older child; or a single middle seat encircled by a fold-out “cargo nest.”

Fabriga Modula eBike One-Seat Cargo-Nest Config
The Modula eBike in its one-seat/cargo-nest configuration.

While comprehensive technical specifications are yet to be released, the Modula boasts a range of features including mechanical disc brakes, internal cable routing, front suspension, and integrated head and tail lights, enhancing safety and ease of use.

Set to launch officially this September, the Fabriga Modula is a game-changer in the e-bike market, offering unmatched versatility to suit changing user needs. The starting price for this revolutionary e-bike is €2,770, approximately US$3,010, marking a significant leap in personal transportation technology.

Fabriga Modula eBike 2-Up Seating Config
Fabriga Modula in its two-up seating configuration.
Fabriga Modula eBike Folded Up
The Modula eBike, all folded up.

Source: Fabriga