Rak One: The ultimate 3-in-1 bicycle stand for storage and repair

Rak One Rakstand 3-in-one Bicycle Stand
The Rak One, pictured here in floor stand configuration. Images © Rakstand

Cycling enthusiasts often face the challenge of finding efficient storage and repair solutions for their bikes. The Rak One, designed by Houston-based startup Rakstand, aims to address this issue by combining a bicycle floor stand, wall mount, and repair stand into a single versatile device. Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Rak One offers convenience and functionality for avid cyclists.

The Rak One features a tubular metal base with a hinged tubular metal arm that can slide along the length of the base, locking at any point and angle as required. This innovative design enables it to serve three different purposes: parking a bike horizontally, storing it vertically, and functioning as a repair stand.

For horizontal parking, the base is laid flat on the floor, and the arm is positioned at a 90-degree angle, sticking straight up. The bike’s front wheel is then rolled in, sitting between the two horizontal tubes on the base and the two vertical tubes on the arm.

To store a bike vertically, an included bracket is first installed on the wall using two screws. The Rak One is then hung on the bracket with its base vertically against the wall. The arm is pulled down and locked at a downward angle (about 235 degrees) relative to the base. The bike is then rolled in vertically so that its front wheel goes between the tubes of the base and the arm.

Rak One Rakstand Repair Stand Mode
The Rak One is repair stand mode.

When using the Rak One as a repair stand, it is mounted on the wall with the arm locked straight out at a 180-degree angle. An included seat post clamp is installed on the end of the arm, and a tool tray is snapped on further back. This setup allows for easy access to the bike while performing repairs or maintenance.

In its current design, the Rak One can accommodate bikes weighing up to 55 lb (25 kg) with tires no wider than three inches. However, Rakstand plans to develop future versions that can support heavier bikes with wider tires.

Rak One Rakstand Wall Mount Mode
The Rak One is wall mount mode.

Supporters of the Kickstarter campaign can secure a Rak One for a pledge of $129, while the planned retail price is set at $179. To see the Rak One in action, check out the demonstration video below. With its adaptability and practical design, the Rak One is poised to become an essential tool for cyclists everywhere.

Source: Kickstarter