Camp365’s foldable RV pod transforms your pickup into spacious mountain cabin

Camp365 Model T Expandable Cabin Camper
Camp365 is developing a sleek, lightweight, low-riding expandable cabin camper, optimized for electric pickup trucks. Images courtesy Camp365

Camp365 is paving a trail in the recreational vehicle (RV) sector by introducing the Model T, a transformative foldable RV pod, designed explicitly for pickup trucks. Known for their slim-bodied fold-out camping trailer, Camp365’s latest innovation aims to redefine and modernize the camping experience. Targeting electric pickup owners and promoting a lightweight and aerodynamically efficient design, the Model T stands out as an eco-conscious option for modern campers.

Designed to seamlessly blend with your vehicle, the Camp365 Model T pod will house itself comfortably between the full-size bed walls of most pickup trucks. With dimensions of 4 feet wide and 7.3 feet long, the prism-shaped pod possesses a unique design, contributing to a slim and sleek appearance while maintaining functionality and comfort. This lightweight camper, weighing between 700 to 800 pounds, proposes an attractive offer to potential buyers who prefer a compact yet comprehensive camping solution.

Camp365’s focus on aerodynamics and fuel efficiency is evident in the design features of the Model T. An aero deflector at the forefront of the design ensures an enhanced aerodynamic performance, a particularly significant feature for electric pickup owners concerned with energy efficiency. However, this meticulous design feature doesn’t only cater to electric vehicles (EVs); it also presents an advantageous proposition for ICE pickup drivers.

The Model T’s revolutionary design allows it to transform a truck bed into a spacious camping cabin within 10 to 15 minutes, requiring only a single individual to complete the setup. Its remarkable engineering allows the sides to fold out, creating the floor of the camper, supported by stabilizer poles and guy lines ensuring a sturdy and secure structure.

Camp365 Model T Expandable Cabin Camper Electric Trucks
Camp365’s Model T is meticulously crafted for electric trucks, yet its versatile design is compatible with most 1/2- to 1-ton pickups.

Inside the Camp365 Model T, the amenities showcase thoughtfulness in design and practical utility. Boasting a 63 square foot floor area, the Model T is built to accommodate up to four adults or a family of five comfortably. Multiple bedding configurations, including a queen, twin, and bunk beds, allow for adaptable sleeping arrangements suitable for various camping needs, from solo adventures to family outings.

Camp365 Model T Expandable Cabin Camper Twin plus Bunk Bed
Twin bed plus bunk bed configuration.

Innovation continues with the introduction of modular floor plans and a range of adaptable facilities such as a foldable table or workstation and a dual-induction cooker, accessible both internally and externally. Storage solutions are also a highlight, with underfloor cubbies and soft hanging shelves, optimizing space without compromising the floor area.

Camp365 Model T Expandable Cabin Camper Queen Bed and Workstation
Camp365 interior with a queen bed and workstation layout.

Designed to be more than just a basic shelter, the Camp365 Model T features a dual-layer construction in its soft walls, utilizing an air gap to act as an all-season insulation, enhancing comfort and adaptability. It also proposes a range of bathroom amenities including a portable toilet, a stowable sink connected to fresh water tanks of varying capacities, and an indoor/outdoor shower system coupled with a 12-V water heater and a water UV and filter purification system, emphasizing convenience and practicality.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Model T’s capability to carry various equipment such as bicycles and kayaks, complemented by compatible racks. It also introduces under-floor hanging points, enabling the setup of hammocks, enhancing the outdoor camping experience.

Camp365 Model T Expandable Cabin Camper Hammock Hangers
The Model T enhances outdoor relaxation by including hammock hangers.

Scheduled for production in the summer of 2024, the Camp365 Model T is currently available for pre-orders. Additional options such as a lithium battery, solar preparation, dimmable LED lighting, multiple power outlets, Wi-Fi booster, and even Starlink satellite internet have been incorporated to cater to diverse camping necessities. Regarding compatibility, the Model T is being developed with most 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-ton pickup trucks in mind. Prospective buyers can expect pricing to commence at US$25,000, positioning the Model T as a remarkable innovation in the camping and RV sector.

Watch the brief preview video below to get a closer look at the features and capabilities.

Source: Camp365