Dual-battery cargo ebike redefines long-distance hauling

Addmotor Graoopro Cargo eBike
The uniquely named Graoopro cargo ebike boasts a remarkable 210-mile range with dual batteries. Images courtesy Addmotor

Addmotor, a prominent Californian e-mobility entity, has launched yet another intriguing model to its prolific range of electric bikes – the Graoopro. Known for their innovative offerings, Addmotor’s newest creation joins the eclectic lineup featuring the remarkable Garootan fat-tire hauler, promising utility that amalgamates with style and functionality. With its dual-battery configuration, the Graoopro cargo eBike stands out, offering an extraordinary ability to haul a substantial weight over impressive distances.

Constructed around a robust 6061 aluminum-alloy low-step frame, the Graoopro is a beacon of reliability and design ingenuity. At its heart lies a proprietary 750-W rear-hub motor, escalating up to a peak of 1000 watts, and delivering a potent 80 Nm (59 lb.ft) of torque. With seven levels of pedal assist facilitated through a mid-axis torque sensor, it offers a flexible riding experience, tailoring itself to varying needs and terrains, managing speeds up to 20 mph (32 km/h).

The exceptional mileage the Graoopro offers places it a notch above its counterparts. With the option of a singular 960-Wh battery or a dual configuration, the eBike is capable of journeys spanning up to 210 miles per charge in its most efficient mode. The innovative placement of these removable battery packs maximizes the cargo space, nestling below the plane of the rear rack, thereby optimizing the eBike’s hauling capacity.

Functionality remains at the forefront of Graoopro’s design, ensuring that it isn’t merely about the distance covered but also about the load it manages. Capable of supporting a total weight, including the rider, of up to 450 lb (204 kg), the integrated rear rack alone can hold up to 150 lb (68 kg). The eBike’s design fosters customization with options such as adding bench seats, footrails, bags, panniers, and even two child seats, enhancing its utility and adaptability according to the user’s requirements.

Addmotor Graoopro Cargo eBike Child Seat Front Basket
The Graoopro’s cargo rack can accommodate a child seat, and the ebike can also be optioned with a front basket.

In terms of rider convenience and control, the Graoopro is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano gearset, and a half-twist throttle, ensuring that the bike offers a ride that is as comfortable as it is efficient. The incorporation of mechanical disc brakes with 180-mm rotors adds to the security, promising a reliable stopping mechanism.

Detailing and additional features on the Graoopro have not been spared. With an adjustable padded seat and handlebars, the eBike can be customized to suit the rider’s comfort and posture. Enhancements such as aluminum fenders, a double-leg kickstand, a 40-lumen headlight, braking tail-light with turn signaling, and an electronic horn are thoughtful additions that contribute significantly to the riding and usability experience.

Addmotor Graoopro Cargo eBike Rear Rack
The frame-integrated rear rack can carry up to 150 lb of cargo or passengers.

Available for order in a selection of four colors, the Graoopro, as a cargo eBike, stands as a formidable option for those seeking a blend of endurance, capacity, and a hint of style in their ride. Priced at a competitive starting rate of US$1,999, the Graoopro cargo eBike exemplifies a remarkable balance of functionality, design, and value, marking itself as a noteworthy consideration in the evolving landscape of e-mobility solutions.

Source: Addmotor