WaveFlyer Volaré: The new hydrofoil boat that skims the waves

Electro Nautic WaveFlyer Volare Wave-Skimming Hydrofoil
The WaveFlyer Volaré is a wave-skimming hydrofoil for two. Images courtesy Electro Nautica

WaveFlyer Volaré, the latest hydrofoil from Electro Nautic, is set to make waves in the watercraft market. Launched in Sydney this weekend, it is an electric-powered boat that sits above the water to create a smooth and quiet ride.

Unlike traditional boats that create drag and consume more power, the WaveFlyer Volaré is designed to eliminate drag by using hydrofoils. The electric propulsion units are positioned at the back of retractable foils that lift up level with the hull for shallow water work and transport.

WaveFlyer Volaré is smaller than some jet skis, but it can seat two people side by side. The boat has a 7-inch digital dash and control joystick located in the middle. It looks like a small, sleek tender boat and is balanced on two blades side by side toward the back, creating unmatched active stability and maneuverability.

The WaveFlyer Volaré boasts control surfaces on the trailing edge of the foils, and the system uses a fly-by-wire control that balances the craft at all times. There are two modes available to the pilot when up on the foils: cruise mode and performance mode. Cruise mode is focused on comfort and safety, while performance mode is designed for sharper, more responsive handling, allowing pilots to throw the boat around a bit.

The fly-by-wire control system also supports remote control, enabling the boat to be guided remotely using a phone app. This feature is aimed mainly at rental operators, who can guide the boat to safety if the pilot falls off. It also comes with a built-in geofencing feature that can keep the boat away from certain areas and restrict it to others. If the boat gets stolen, it can be shut down remotely.

Electro Nautic WaveFlyer Volaré Foils Retracted
With its foils retracted, the WaveFlyer Volaré works like a normal boat.

The boat measures 290 cm (9.5 ft) long by 125 cm (4.1 ft) wide, roughly the same size as a jet ski. It can carry up to 200 kg (440 lb) worth of people riding on the foils or 250 kg (550 lb) if you pull the foils up and drive it as a regular boat, but this will result in slower speed and reduced range.

The WaveFlyer Volaré is an electric-powered boat with a range and endurance that is related to the battery size. The base model provides up to 1.5 hours of operation and a range of up to 35 km (22 miles), costing US$49,990. There is also a 3-hour/65-km (40-mile) version for $54,990, and the top-of-the-range model provides up to 4.5 hours and a range of 100 km (62 miles) for $59,990.

The price is higher than that of traditional boats due to the hydrofoil’s inherently more complex dynamics, fly-by-wire control systems, and strong, lightweight materials. Moreover, the majority of hydrofoiling boats are electric, which adds significant cost, particularly in the battery pack.

Electro Nautic Team WaveFlyer Volaré Prototype
The Electro Nautic team with a WaveFlyer Volaré production prototype.

The WaveFlyer Volaré has several advantages over traditional boats. Hydrofoils allow the boat to create less drag and consume less power, which in turn results in an extended range from the battery. They are nearly silent and leave almost no wake, making them friendly to locals and wildlife. Additionally, hydrofoils provide a smooth ride over choppy water.

The WaveFlyer Volaré is now available for pre-order, and Electro Nautic plans to start delivering it later this year. The boat’s launch has already generated a lot of excitement, with many customers eager to experience its smooth ride and cutting-edge technology.

In summary, the WaveFlyer Volaré by Electro Nautic is a unique and exciting addition to the world of electric watercraft. With its advanced hydrofoil system, fly-by-wire control, and sleek design, it offers a smooth and eco-friendly ride over the water. While its price tag may be steep, it’s a worthy investment for those looking for a fun and sustainable watercraft that’s also easy to operate. If you’re interested in experiencing the thrill of flying over the water on a WaveFlyer Volaré, be sure to place your pre-order now and get ready to hit the waves later this year.

Source: Electro Nautic