The Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol RIB: A deep dive into amphibious adventures

Sealegs 9m Hydrasol Amphibious RIB
The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB stands as Sealegs' largest amphibious RIB to date, providing an ideal platform for various outdoor pursuits, from diving to family outings. Images © Sealegs

The word ‘amphibious’ often conjures up images of specialized military vehicles or perhaps even certain types of wildlife. However, in the boating world, Sealegs has brought this concept to life with its 9.0m Hydrasol RIB, the largest amphibious Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) they have ever produced. This unique offering promises to revolutionize your water adventures by eliminating limitations like boat ramp congestion, tidal considerations, and restricted landing spots.

Built for Limitless Adventures

Measuring just over 9m in length, this RIB provides ample space in the front of the console, along the tubes, and behind the crew seating. The boat offers versatile options for seating arrangements. You can add an auxiliary bench seat behind the console pedestal seats or choose to keep that area open for more space. Whether you’re into diving, fishing, or family excursions, the 9.0m Hydrasol RIB has the deck capacity to accommodate surfboards, paddle-boards, and much more. Your imagination is the only limit.

High-Tech Specifications

One of the standout features of this RIB is the implementation of Hydrasol technology. This system optimizes the craft’s center of gravity, thus enhancing on-water performance. Its hull is constructed from 5mm marine-grade aluminum, ensuring durability and resilience.

Dimensions and Capacity:

  • Length: 9.15m (wheels up), 7.9m (hull length)
  • Height: 2.52m (wheels down), 2.12m (wheels up)
  • Beam: 3.13m
  • Draft: 0.40m
  • Maximum Payload: 500kg
  • Passenger Capacity: Up to 12, including the driver
Sealegs 9m Hydrasol Amphibious RIB Drive onto Water
Effortlessly transition from land to water with the 9.0m Hydrasol RIB, redefining convenience for your aquatic adventures.


  • Top Water Speed: 40 knots with a 300 HP outboard
  • Top Land Speed: 7.5kph
  • Fuel Capacity: Below deck 250 liters or 2x 180 liters each
  • Run Time on Land: 30 minutes of continuous use per hour
  • Maximum Sea Conditions: Up to 2.0m wave height and 26 knot winds
Sealegs 9m Hydrasol Amphibious RIB Outboard
The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB is compatible with Yamaha outboards, offering options for either a single 300HP or twin 200HP engines for optimal performance.

Additional Features

The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB comes with a host of additional features:

  • Transom Ski Tower: For those interested in water skiing
  • 1100 GPH Automatic Bilge Pump: To ensure efficient water removal
  • All-Wheel Differential Lock & High-Speed Drive: For improved land mobility
  • Seating Options: Room for up to 8 Joltrider Suspension Seats or various bench seat configurations
  • Console: Comes with rigged windscreen and cup holders
  • Storage: Multiple under-seat and port hatch storage options
  • Tyres: 26”x 11” all-terrain 12-ply tyres on 12” alloy rims for superior on-land traction
  • Certifications: CE, U.S.C.G. certified
Sealegs 9m Hydrasol Amphibious RIB Seating
The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB offers seating for up to 12 passengers, including room for 8 Joltrider Suspension Seats or additional auxiliary bench seats.

Price and Customization

Starting at a base price of $256,000, the cost may vary depending on outboard options and additional features you opt for. Whether it’s Twin Yamaha 200 or Yamaha 300 engines, the outboard options are tailored for robust performance. Accessories like anchor systems, bait boards, lifejackets, and saltwater washdown pumps can further customize your experience.

Sealegs 9m Hydrasol Amphibious RIB Storage
The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB features versatile storage solutions, including under-seat compartments, a port hatch in the console, and a forward wet locker.

High-end electronics can also be added, such as the Simrad GPS/Chartplotter in various sizes, Fusion stereo systems, and more. Battery charger, bow camera, and seating options like auxiliary benches and Joltrider Suspension Seats are also available to suit individual preferences.

Sealegs 9m Hydrasol Amphibious RIB Back to Shore
With its amphibious capabilities, the 9.0m Hydrasol RIB makes the transition from water to land seamless, thanks to its all-wheel drive and hydrostatic braking system.

In summary, the Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol RIB is more than just a boat; it’s a comprehensive adventure platform. Its amphibious capabilities break down the barriers between land and sea, offering unprecedented flexibility for water enthusiasts. While the price tag is hefty, the range of features, performance, and customization options make it a worthwhile consideration for those looking to invest in limitless marine adventure.

Sealegs 9m Hydrasol Amphibious RIB Garage to Water
Go from your beach-house garage to the ocean effortlessly with the 9.0m Hydrasol RIB.

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