ZEV 511: A ride-in nano-van for wheelchair users breaks the affordability barrier

ZEV 511 Nano-Car Wheelchair Users
ZEV 511: a drive-in mobility transporter nano-van for wheelchair users. Images © ZEV

In the arena of electric vehicles, innovation comes in various sizes and shapes. One company, ZEV, based in West Virginia, has carved a niche for itself with a focus on compact, efficient, and specialized EVs. Their latest offering is the ZEV 511, a ground-breaking ride-in vehicle designed exclusively for wheelchair users, touted to be a radical step toward affordability with a price tag of just $9,900.

A niche focus with a proven record

ZEV is no stranger to the world of compact electric vehicles. The company gained some attention back in 2017 with its T3-1 Micro three-wheeler, which astonishingly accommodated three people or 360 pounds of cargo within a compact space. The ZEV 511 Drive-in Mobility Transporter, however, represents a more focused ambition: to create an affordable and practical urban commuting option for those confined to wheelchairs, especially heavy, electric ones.

User-centric design

One of the most notable features of the ZEV 511 is its user-centric design. The vehicle doesn’t have a conventional seat. Instead, the back of the nano-van opens automatically via remote control, and the lower part forms a checkerplate ramp. Wheelchair users can simply roll up this ramp, move to the front of the vehicle, and lock their chair in place. The cockpit is designed to accommodate either a steering wheel or a handlebar, depending on the user’s preference.

Since different wheelchairs may require different interior configurations, each ZEV 511 will be made to order. This tailored approach not only ensures a perfect fit but also provides an avenue for customization for the user.

ZEV 511 Nano-Car Wheelchair Users Affordable
ZEV 511 offers a specialized ride-in experience for wheelchair users at a game-changing price of just $9,900.

Basic but practical features

While the ZEV 511 may appear basic in its amenities, it covers all the essentials for a safe and comfortable ride. The vehicle is equipped with headlights, blinkers, central locking, power windows, and disc brakes. It also includes a heater and a twin-fan cooling system, which is particularly useful in maintaining airflow when stuck in traffic on hot days. A special “crawler” gear feature allows the vehicle’s 3/6-kW electric motor to climb steep inclines efficiently.

ZEV 511 Ride-In Wheelchair Nano-Van Hand-Controlled Cockpit
Each ZEV 511 is custom-built to accommodate varying wheelchair designs, offering buyers the choice between a steering wheel or handlebar for a personalized cockpit experience.

Performance and regulations

Powered by a 60-V, 80-A, 4.8-kWh caustic silicate lead battery, the ZEV 511 promises an estimated range of 100 km (approximately 62 miles), enough for most urban commuting needs. There’s no option for fast charging; however, a complete battery top-up takes around five hours from a standard wall outlet. The vehicle weighs about 400 kg (882 lbs) and has a maximum load capacity of 300 kg (661 lbs). While it can’t be registered as a motorcycle due to its four-wheel design, ZEV states that it qualifies as an FDA medical device and should be usable as an “Other Power-Driven Mobility Device” (OPDMD) in the U.S., limiting its top speed to 45-50 km/h (28-31 mph).

ZEV 511 Nano-Car Wheelchair Locking Mechanism
Slide in and secure! Customized locking mechanisms are designed for each user’s specific wheelchair.

Affordability and global appeal

One of the most compelling aspects of the ZEV 511 is its affordability. Priced at $9,900, the company claims that the annual cost to keep it running would be around $400, covering electricity, insurance, and a sinking fund for tire and battery replacement. A new battery pack is priced at about $900 and is expected to last for at least six years based on customer history.

Orders for the ZEV 511 are currently being accepted, and there’s been interest from potential users not just in the U.S. but across the globe, including less developed countries.

ZEV 511 Ride-In Wheelchair Nano-Van Easy Parking
With its compact design, the ZEV 511 would make urban parking a breeze, fitting effortlessly into tight spaces.

The ZEV 511 Drive-in Mobility Transporter represents a significant stride in making urban mobility more accessible and affordable for wheelchair users. Its entry into the market could set a new precedent for specialized electric vehicles that cater to the needs of often overlooked communities.

ZEV 511 Ride-In Wheelchair Nano-Van Twin-Fan
When caught in traffic, the dual-fan cooling system ensures a steady flow of air for added comfort.

Source: ZEV