Inflatable 2-story electric catamaran party lounge

Portless Catamaran Deluxe DDD Manufaktúra
Chilling out on the Portless Catamaran Deluxe. Images © DDD Manufaktúra

Party boats are all the rage, with people constantly posting them on their social media, more and more people are looking to buy them. However, these luxurious boats are more pricey than the average person can typically afford. One company named DDD Manufaktúra, is aiming to make these kinds of opportunities and products more accessible to the average person, here’s how.

What is the Portless Catamaran?

The Portless Catamaran is an electric inflatable party boat that is powered by an electric outboard motor and lithium-battery pack. The unique watercraft inflates into a two-storied boat with enough room for 6-8 people. The e-catamaran is extremely easy to transport as it fits into the trunk of a car when completely empty. All packed up, it weighs around 256 pounds (120 kg).

The electric catamaran was designed to avoid busy marinas and boat landings, as well as cut expenses on gas. DDD Manufaktúra estimates the party boat’s electric charge range at about 16 nautical miles (30 km). However, a sunny day may make this range larger owing to the boat’s 200-W solar panel, which can keep the vessel moving for an entire day at about 4 knots (7 km/h).

Specific features of the Portless Catamaran

DDD Manufaktura’s Portless Catamaran is powered by a 1-kW Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus motor. Being an inflatable watercraft, it’s not apt for long distance travels in harsh waters but better suited to hanging out in one place atop the water. The party boat has a display onboard, showing remaining battery power in order to ensure users don’t get stuck out on the water. Portless also offers the Catamaran Deluxe, which is 19.7 feet or 6 meters in length and weighs about 772 lb (350 kg). However, the standard model is definitely easier to handle and transport.

Design of the Portless Catamaran

Portless Catamaran Deluxe Upper Deck
The upper deck allows the passengers to sunbathe, dive or in this case, take a leaping selfie.

The unique design of the Portless electric catamaran is quite plain but does have a somewhat futuristic charm. The Catamaran’s roof is made of a tougher material than typical fabric and is able to function as a second deck on the water vehicle. The e-catamaran offers 97 sq ft (9 sq m) of space on the main deck, and 32 sq ft (3 sq m) of upper deck space for sunbathing, observation and leaping into the water. The upper deck can hold up to 350 lb (160 kg) and is accessed via ladder-like steps built into the inner side wall.

Pricing and availability

The Portless Catamaran is available in two versions. In one version, the 4 basic elements of the structure (two sides, bottom, top) are assembled as a single-piece body during production, offering the easiest, quickest inflation.

In the other version, the 4 main parts of the body (two sides, bottom, top) are separate, and must be joined together with strong industrial zippers. The advantage of this design is that the individual parts can be easily moved. None of the elements weighs more than 66 lbs (30 kg), so it can be easily assembled by one person. It fits into a smaller space, making it much easier to transport, and only takes 5-10 minutes longer to set up than the single-piece body type.

Portless Catamaran Standard Deluxe Team Up
The Portless Catamaran standard and Deluxe model team into a party island.

Pricing starts at €11,920 (approx. US$12,672) for the single-piece Portless Catamaran and €12,620 (US$13,418) for the four-piece version. Those prices include an electric pump and swimming ladder. Buyers can upgrade with a few available options, such as a more powerful 3-kW e-drive and a steering wheel.

Source: DDD Manufaktúra