The deepest-diving tourist submarines in the world

U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub Tourist Submarine
The Cruise Sub series offers a broad selection of submersibles for 5, 7, 9 or 11 people that can dive as deep as from 300 meters to 1,700 meters. Images © U-Boat Worx

Hundreds of meters submerged in the ocean water, the U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub glides alongside rich marine life and sunken ships. U-Boat Worx is a company from the Netherlands that specializes in producing state-of-the-art submersibles, and one of its latest additions is the record-holding Cruise Sub series.

Submarines have captured the minds of inventors and explorers since the 16th century, and the allure to experience life underwater remains strong even today. U-Boat Worx wanted to create a vessel that would allow tourists, filmmakers, and researchers to access the depth and beauty of life underwater easily. What resulted was the high-capacity Cruise Sub series that is creating a lane of its own in the submersibles industry.

Design and features

The U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub series is made up of seven different models of multi-purpose, luxury submarines that can carry 5 to 11 passengers and reach depths of 300 to 1,700 meters – making one of the models the highest capacity, deepest diving submersible. Each model is designed with spacious seating areas that are enclosed by dual acrylic spheres, providing perfect, uninterrupted views.

Everything about the Cruise Sub was tailored not just for seasoned researchers and documentary makers but also for first-time submariners. Some of U-Boat Worx’s top clients are cruise lines that use the sub to offer tourist submarine experiences to people of all ages. U-Boat Worx insists that the Cruise Sub’s easy boarding prevents the chance of anyone even getting their feet wet.

Free roaming ability

When the passengers have boarded and the vessel begins its descent, the pilot can efficiently steer the submarine in every direction – even laterally. The swift maneuverability of the Cruise Sub optimizes positioning to ensure the best look at objects and sea life. Additionally, the revolving seat platform will make sure passengers don’t miss a thing.

U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub Sailing in all Directions
Apart from the basic forward, reverse, up and down movements, the submersible can also move laterally.


The safety of a submarine – especially a tourist submarine – is paramount when diving hundreds of meters into the ocean. The U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub is equipped with top-of-the-line safety features that allow pilots to detect and avoid incoming obstacles, ensure appropriate depth levels, and send continuous location signals to the mothership. In the worst-case scenario of a pilot being incapable of operating the vessel, the sub will automatically resurface to safety after 10 minutes without receiving acknowledgment from the pilot.

U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub Launch Recovery
Launch and Recovery

Price and availability

U-Boat Worx has sold 15 Cruise Subs since 2018, and the company claims it is the best-selling submarine of its class. While 15 submarines might not sound like a lot, they cost a pretty penny. Although not officially reported on the company’s website, it is estimated that the cheapest model could cost around $3,000,000 – not including the various add-ons available.

For those looking to experience a trip on a Cruise Sub, various cruise lines such as Viking, Seabourn, Crystal, Scenic, and Dream offer the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the ocean like never before. These trips cost several hundred dollars depending on the cruise line.

Source: U-Boat Worx