Lightweight e-bike takes just a second to fold up and in

Ossby Geo Folding eBike Lightweight
The Geo's frame is made from a composite of recycled fibers and plant-based resins, and is claimed to be stronger and lighter than aluminum. Images © Ossby

Your commute to work is going great, however, you arrive at work only to find that every single spot on the bike rack is taken up, now what? With Ossby’s new GEO collapsible e-Bike you can simply fold your bike up and easily take it into the office with you.

Who is Ossby?

Ossby is a Spanish company that was founded in Madrid in 2011. Currently, the company is most known for their sustainable, electric cycling bikes. According to Ossby’s official website, their goal is to “design the perfect vehicle that meets all the necessary characteristics to accompany us and facilitate day to day in the cities.” The company makes other unique looking electric bikes such as the Curve Electric, and is recognized for the materials it tends to use to make their bikes.

Introducing the new GEO e-bike

Previously, Ossby had released another version of its GEO e-Bike. However, this year they’re completely revamping the product. The main aim for their new and improved product is maximizing the sustainability of the e-Bike. They’ve also improved their original design by modernizing their logo.

The new GEO e-Bike makes use of a distinctive technology that converts vegetable resins and recycled fibers into a sturdy carbon fiber. This material allows the bike not only to be sustainable but also to be lightweight and easy to carry, a necessity as the bike folds in order for you to bring it with you to your destination.

Ossby Geo eBike Folded
The Ossby Geo is folded at the crank and rolled along on the wheels.

GEO e-bike signature features

Ossby’s GEO e-Bike has a trademark frame that they’ve formed from state of the art sustainable fibers, the first European company to do this. The Spanish company even claims that these fibers are both lighter and stronger than aluminum, an impressive feat.

The e-Bike only weighs a total of 11kg or 24 pounds, making it easy to carry on both the train to work, as well as large flights of stairs on your way back home. When the e-Bike is folded, users can easily push it along, making the already light bike even more easy to get around.

The tech of the GEO e-bike

Relating back to Ossby’s focus on sustainability, the GEO e-Bike battery and 250 watt DC motor can take users up to 50 kilometers or 30 miles at an average speed of around 25 kph/15 mph. Its impressive lithium-ion battery is hidden in the bike’s frame and takes only 4 hours to complete a full charge.

Ossby Geo eBike Motor Gearset
The Ossby Geo sports a 250-Watt hub motor and 5-speed gearset.

The e-Bike also features a patented “EasyUp” folding technology that allows users to hop off GEO and fold it in one quick, uncomplicated movement. Ossby’s GEO also includes high-powered hydraulic brakes, making braking both non-shaky and reliable. Lastly, Ossby even has an app that is available on both iOS and android in order for you to connect the e-Bike to a multitude of Bluetooth features.

Next steps

The Ossby Geo e-Bike is priced at around €1,234 or $1,324 USD. The product is currently available for pre-sale on the company website with shipping estimated to start in 2023.

Source: Ossby