Unéole mixed-energy system combines solar and wind power

Uneole Mixed Energy System Solar Wind Power
Unéole combines solar and wind power to devise an ideal renewable energy system. Images © Unéole

The increasing need for sustainable power sources is stimulating significant technological development. Different companies, for example, Siemens are developing massive wind turbines capable of harnessing the winds that blow over the oceans, while other companies are developing windows that can convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity.

Countries that want to reduce carbon emissions are building huge solar and wind farms that will power millions of homes. Individuals, on the other hand, can go it alone by installing simpler energy systems that can power their homes and even electric cars.

But there is a company that wants to ease the stress of both countries and individuals

The new hybrid world

Unéole, a company based in France, has invented a hybrid energy system that is both silent and combines the power of the sun and the wind. The suggested mechanism, which is specifically designed for city buildings, consists of wind turbines that are coated with photovoltaic roofing in order to optimize the generation of energy by forty percent in comparison to a pure solar solution.

Indeed, combining two different types of renewable energy sources offers the opportunity to switch between any of them depending on the circumstances of the environment. Since the effectiveness of photovoltaic systems is dependent on solar energy, wind turbines are the perfect complement since they can take over when solar energy is insufficient, such as at night time or during the winter.

Uneole Mixed Energy Solar Roof
The silent wind turbines are topped with a photovoltaic roof.

Everything you want

The Unéole mixed-energy system, in addition to optimizing output across all four seasons, allows the provision of the “most profitable, balanced, and affordable urban green renewable energy production system,” according to the company’s written description of the new technology.

The wind turbines used are constructed from recyclable materials such as stainless steel and aluminum and are manufactured near to the operational location, which promotes local production. Using recyclable materials helps to guarantee that the wind turbines have a minimal carbon footprint. In addition, the company uses certain algorithms to ascertain the optimal quantity of solar panels and wind turbines to be installed on each distinct kind of building.

In addition, the French government agency CEREMA (which stands for Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility, and Urban Planning) has validated that Unéole’s wind turbines are silent while in operation and do not emit any electromagnetic radiation that might be harmful to either people or other building components.

Uneole Mixed Energy Solar Rooftop
Unéole mixed-energy platform is ideal for rooftops measuring 150m² or more.

The hope that lies within Unéole technology

Unéole mixed-energy system consists of a line of wind turbines followed by a row of solar panels, with a combined height of around four meters. The French company collaborates closely with a specialist design agency known as ESER to customize its technology so that it may be used on all varieties of flat roofs with an area of at least 150 square meters.

An experimental device was put in place by the team at the CD2e LumiWatt facility in Loos-en-Gohelle, which is located in the French department of Pas-de-Calais, in the previous year. With the funds that are presently being gathered, the Unéole startup hopes to soon enter larger-scale manufacturing.

Source: Unéole