Airstream and Porsche unveil futuristic concept travel trailer

Airstream Porsche Concept Travel Trailer
The Airstream Porsche Concept Travel Trailer features a panoramic window design, large skylight and open rear deck. Images © Airstream

Airstream and Porsche have teamed up to create the Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer, an innovative design study that takes inspiration from both companies. The two-person pop-up trailer boasts impressive aerodynamics, off-grid capabilities, and a sleek design that seamlessly blends Airstream’s classic look with a touch of Porsche’s iconic style.

While the Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer does not feature the sinking rear roofline of a classic 911 or 356, it offers a more subtle design that optimizes aerodynamics while still incorporating a futuristic, fresh look. The rear of the trailer features a tall, broad wall, replacing the traditional curved bulge for improved aerodynamics. The redesigned rear-end also includes a split tailgate that opens into a deck and awning combination, inspired by the new Vision S camper van from Airstream’s European cousin Hymer.

The trailer’s aerodynamic optimization continues with a minimized frontal area, flush underbody, and clean rooftop. All hardware that would otherwise protrude from the roof or underbody is enclosed within the body and chassis, reducing drag and ensuring smooth airflow. The pop-up design allows the trailer to sit low during transit while offering plenty of headroom at camp, with the added bonus of insulation for enhanced comfort.

The Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer also features the first adjustable-height suspension in Airstream’s history, allowing it to adjust for lower, more efficient highway travel and higher-clearance off-road towing. The suspension system also allows the trailer to slide neatly into a household garage, a feat that standard Airstream trailers cannot achieve.

Airstream Porsche Concept Travel Trailer Awning
Awnings can be attached to the hatch to create a shady place to relax and plan the next adventure.

Airstream says that the trailer’s aerodynamic performance is confirmed by third-party validation, which states that it outperforms the Airstream 28RB and Basecamp 20X. The lightweight composite design, combined with its low theoretical weight, makes it readily towable by electric vehicles and small ICEs and hybrids, including the Porsche Macan.

The floor plan of the Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer is similar to that of the Airstream Basecamp, with a dual-bench rear dining lounge that transforms into an 82 x 61-inch super-queen bed. The front kitchen area maximizes the large panoramic windows, enabling campers to enjoy the outdoors even when they’re inside. The kitchen includes an induction cooktop, suggesting the possibility of an all-electric equipment setup.

Airstream Porsche Concept Travel Trailer Improved Aerodynamics
The design features improved aerodynamics, including a new rear shape that sheds air while in motion.

Designed for off-grid camping, the trailer has lithium battery power and roof-mounted solar. The wet bathroom compartment is located in the front corner next to the kitchen block, with a dual-position door that can close off the toilet for privacy while leaving the shower floor open for added spaciousness.

A 1/3-scale model of the Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer will be showcased at the Porsche X collaboration booth at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. While not all concepts make it to market, Airstream notes that they often influence production trailers. The Airstream Basecamp was a collaborative concept that eventually made it to market after first being revealed in conjunction with Nissan in 2005.

Airstream Porsche Concept Travel Trailer Bed
The convertible bed is a couple square inches larger than a queen.

In conclusion, the Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer is an impressive design study that incorporates the iconic styles of both Airstream and Porsche. Its sleek design, aerodynamic optimization, and off-grid capabilities make it an attractive option for modern travelers seeking a luxurious, sustainable camping experience.

Explore the process of the transatlantic collaboration and discover the innovative design decisions that shaped the concept trailer in the following video.

Source: Airstream