C SEED folding MicroLED TVs can be housed in your floor

The C SEED M1 is the world's first foldable 165-inch MicroLED TV.

Big-screen TVs are common in most homes these days, especially of the wall-mounted variety. But for those who like the minimalist aesthetic, a big screen hanging on the wall and commanding and dominating the room draws attention away from anything else present. For those who like the big, bright screens for entertainment but don’t want their domineering presence, C SEED has been hard at work in producing just the solution for this conflict with their foldable and retractable televisions.

The Austrian company’s groundbreaking technology manifests the television from seemingly nowhere. It rises up and opens right from the floor utilizing the finest form of technological innovation. The 165-inch mega screen is stored in a compact column. When activated, it simply unfolds into a large surface area with no visible lines or folding creases. This ultra-luxury item, the M1 model, is the first television product of its kind on the market.

C SEED also makes these foldout TVs available in outdoor models, resulting in a near movie screen-like experience while watchers relax outdoors. You can enjoy the outdoor televisions from an open patio or poolside, along with any other surface suitable for its installation.

About C SEED

The Austrian-based C SEED was founded in 2009 by Alexander Swatek, John Sterup, and Jakob Odgaard, the latter pair being former managers at Bang & Olufsen. The company retains its headquarters to this day in Vienna, Austria. They have a showroom and branch office in Beverly Hills, California, a perfect location for catering to their high-end clients.

The company’s view of modern television utilization is that wall-mounted televisions are not an ideal fit for the contemporary, modern decor. The company’s designer Stefan Pani put together an impeccable design. The television silently rises from the floor and unfolds into a huge screen atop an elegant base. It incorporates a high-end speaker system within it for an all-around immersive television experience. Once done, the product retracts into the floor until subsequent use.

Outdoor TVs (201, 144, and HLR Models)

The C SEED 201 outdoor TV screen wraps ultra-powerful technology into rigorously streamlined design aesthetics created by Porsche Design Studio. The outdoor TV models (201/144 and 201/144 HLR) are impeccably designed from high-quality durable materials. They are encased in an underground storage container installed in the ideal outdoor location of choice. With a push of a button, the case rises to its full 15 ft height in just 15 seconds, unfolding to its full-screen mode, ready for viewing, in an additional 25 seconds. The entire unfolding process happens seamlessly and silently, and yet is as captivating to watch as the images on the screen itself. The screen’s retraction is equally as silent and elegant.

Each of the over 2.96 million MicroLEDs processes image data up to 100,000 times per second, enabling the C SEED 201 to display 64 billion radiant colors. The company stacks its image quality against any competing television brand, sporting some of the finest images. The 201 model provides 201 inches of diagonal screen viewing, with the slightly smaller 144 version, extending 144 inches diagonally.

The HLR model provides a great alternative to the 201/144 variety. Instead of expanding from a column the TV surfaces from and retracts to a shortened base. This places the TV closer to the surface, rather than raised in the air. The model has a design that facilitates a sped-up installation process. Installed takes only 4 to 5 days with minimal groundwork. Its high-resolution images are impressive, with a luminosity of 4,000 nits and a refresh rate of 3,480 Hz, as well as a 16-bit per color processing depth.

Indoor TV (M1)

The M1 model is a 165-inch television; the newest addition to C SEED’s TV lineup. It’s the high-end replacement for the minimalist space invading wall-mounted televisions. While the latter is ever-present in the space, the M1 appears from the floor. It expands into a crease free set of four plates, equipped with a stellar soundboard, and retracts back into the floor after use with a simple button push, leaving the area usable as open floor space.

The M1 unit is superior over the market competition, bringing the revolutionary 4K MicroLED with an image that you need to see to believe. The specialized surface treatment promotes incredibly deep black colors. Moreover, the screen’s borders are nearly invisible thanks to the AGC Tech (Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology). That is not even mentioning the incredible life longevity that is estimated at about 100,000 hours.

Assuming you already own the kind of luxury house that can accommodate the M1, the television’s US$400,000 price tag might be well within your reach. The rest of us will simply have to make do with gawking at this marvel of a product. Shipping is expected to start in Q3 of this year.

Essentially, this is what the future of television looks like. The C SEED brand is quite ahead of the curve, providing a glimpse into what televisions were always destined to be, and what they likely will be in the future.

Source: C SEED