Generark Solar Generator: Emergency power supply for the modern home

Generark Solar Generator can give you emergency power for up to a week. Images © Generark

How many times have you been in a power outage at home and thought to yourself, “I must get a backup generator,” only for the same thing to happen again months later? One thing that puts people off is the apparent lack of neat, elegant and easy-to-use solutions. Diesel/gasoline generators are loud and dirty, and require keeping hazardous fuel on site. The better solution is here in the form of a solar-powered self-contained backup power unit – the Generark.

What is Generark?

The Generark Solar Generator is a backup power system for your home that can provide power for up to 99 percent of your home appliances via a 2,200-watt supply. It is built to offer critical power to your home appliances, medical devices, lighting, personal electronics and other devices for up to 7 days.

The unit offers the following power connections:

  • 4 x 20-amp AC outlets
  • 2 x 100-watt USB-C ports
  • 2 x Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 USB-A ports
  • 1 x 12-volt car outlet

The Generark comes in two specifications, the Starter and the Plus. The Starter’s capacity is 1566 watt-hours, with 1800 watts of continuous power and 3600 watts of surge power. The Plus model offers 2060 watt-hours, 2200 watts and 4400 watts to those points respectively.

How does Generark work?

Unlike traditional home generators that run on dirty gasoline, the Generark provides a clean, safe and simple power solution. The unit itself houses EV-grade battery cells that are able to store power for up to a year. Your stored gasoline for your old generator will only last 3 to 6 months before it starts to degrade.

Generark Solar Generator Solar Panels
SolarPower 2 all-weather portable solar panels.

Furthermore, the Generark is an easy-charging device. You can plug it into the regular AC power supply when it needs a recharge, or you could plug it into your EV charging outlet, too. Finally, the unit also comes with an array of solar panels, which you can use to keep the unit charged up whenever you need it. You can even use it while it’s still charging.

Advantages of Generark

The first advantage of Generark is its versatility. The unit plugs into a huge array of home appliances, personal electronics and medical devices. You can even use it to charge up your electric vehicle.

Secondly, Generark is a clean, simple power solution. There’s no need to store fuel or other hazardous materials in your home; no need for clunky generators or pull-cord starting up. It looks great, and sits wherever you need it to until the need for emergency power arises.

Generark Solar Generator Power Home Appliances
Power a myriad of home appliances with the Generark Solar Generator.

Third, it recharges very quickly. When the Generark is depleted, you can have it fully charged again within 3-4 hours if done by the SolarPower 2 solar panels (800W), within 2.5 hours if charged via AC wall outlet, and within 9 hours if done via your EV outlet.

Finally, it’s portable and easy to use. There’s no technical expertise required for use of the Generark, and its wheeled base unit and top carry handles make moving it around as easy as pie.

Generark Solar Generator: Available Now

The Generark is currently available via its Kickstarter campaign. The Starter model is priced at $1,399 as an early-bird price, and the Plus at $1,899. With solar generators, the Starter is $2,299 and the Plus $3,699. Other package deals for multiple units are also available. Get yours today.

Source: Generark