AntiShanty Dwell Shell: Hard-sided pickup camper for the adventurous spirit

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper
The AntiShanty Dwell Shell offers quick setup with hard walls on all sides. Images courtesy AntiShanty

The world of camping and overlanding has evolved significantly over the years, with innovations aimed at enhancing the outdoor experience. Among these advancements, the Dwell Shell by AntiShanty stands out as a notable entrant. This hard-sided pickup camper, known for its ability to haul gear like a truck and provide the comfort of a cabin, has been making waves in the outdoor community.

AntiShanty, a Utah-based company, has already made a name for itself in the realm of overland RVs. Their portfolio includes unique trailers and a hard-walled rooftop tent. The addition of the Dwell Shell to their lineup marks their entry into the four-season, hard-walled truck camping shell market, catering to outdoor enthusiasts who venture into terrains ranging from grizzly bear territories to snowy landscapes.

The Dwell Shell distinguishes itself with its tagline, “Haul gear like a truck. Camp like a cabin.” This philosophy is evident in the design and functionality of the camper, which allows for ample cargo space in the truck bed while providing a comfortable camping experience. AntiShanty’s commitment to this dual-purpose design is further evident in their other products, including toy-hauling camping trailers and a rooftop tent that doubles as a cargo box.

One of the unique aspects of the Dwell Shell is its construction. Instead of the multi-panel origami walls common in other hard-sided pop-tops, it employs triangular single-panel sidewalls and a rectangular rear wall. These walls fold up into the roof during travel and swing into place at the campsite to support the wedge roof. This design not only simplifies setup but also ensures durability and stability.

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper Folding
Collapsing the walls of the Dwell Shell for disassembly and travel.

The camper’s large gull-wing-style hatch doors on all three sides open up to create a breezy day cabana for al fresco living. Additionally, windows on the right and left side hatches provide ventilation without completely exposing the interior. The insulated aluminum walls offer superior weather protection compared to traditional canvas pop-ups and comply with soft-sided camping bans in areas with heavy bear activity, such as certain campgrounds in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper Hatches
The Dwell Shell’s rooftop sleeper has expansive hatches around it for panoramic views and ventilation, easily locked and closed from inside.

Inside the camper, a sizable 86 x 53-inch sleeping surface can comfortably accommodate two adults and a child or pet. The sleeping area includes a carpeted foam top and a premium mattress for added comfort. The multi-piece platform design is another thoughtful feature, allowing one person to exit the camper without disturbing others.

Standard features of the Dwell Shell include roof rails for additional cargo, interior and exterior hatch door handles/locks, and a base weight of 380 lbs, making it comparable to other hard-sided toppers in the market like the Rossmönster Lagom.

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper Truck Types
AntiShanty offers the Dwell Shell for various midsize and full-size pickups.

In a competitive market, AntiShanty offers a range of accessories for the Dwell Shell, enhancing its functionality and comfort. These include an electrical package with a power station, tent/hatch door lights, MOLLE panels for gear organization, coat hooks, interior hatch storage cabinets, a roof fan, and a solar panel. These additions can transform the camper from a basic shell to a cozy, well-equipped abode.

The Dwell Shell is priced at US$14,900 before options. Currently, AntiShanty is offering a $3,000 discount for early adopters who order the camper for their specific truck model and bed size. This pricing positions the Dwell Shell as a premium option in the market, but its features and design justify the investment for serious campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper Weight
The Dwell Shell boasts a sleek, low-profile build and has a weight starting at 380 pounds.

Source: AntiShanty