Wheely-X: A game-changer for wheelchair users’ fitness

Wheely-X Home Cardio Trainer Wheelchair Users
Wheely-X aims to revolutionize indoor fitness for wheelchair users with interactive technology and robust design. Images courtesy Kangster

Wheelchair users, who have long lacked dedicated equipment for stationary training, now have a groundbreaking solution – the Wheely-X. Developed by the Korean company Kangsters, Wheely-X offers an innovative approach to indoor workouts, similar to how treadmills serve runners and rollers assist cyclists. This article delves into the features, functionality, and market presence of Wheely-X, providing a comprehensive overview of this unique fitness equipment.

Wheely-X is ingeniously crafted with two sets of steel rollers and aluminum ramps. These components are interconnected to form dual roller/ramp combinations, placed side-by-side. This design allows wheelchair users to easily position their wheelchair onto the device, with each wheel resting on a separate roller. Once in place, the user secures their wheelchair with safety straps, ensuring stability during the workout.

The core of the Wheely-X experience lies in its interactive and gamified training application. This app, compatible with both iOS and Android tablets via Bluetooth, transforms the physical exertion into a virtual journey. As users spin their wheelchair’s wheels, sensors on the rollers track the speed and movement, reflecting these actions through an avatar in the app. This feature not only enhances the workout experience but also provides valuable feedback, indicating if the user is exerting more force on one side.

For those seeking a more challenging workout, Wheely-X includes weights that can be attached to the rollers, adding resistance. Remarkably, despite its robust construction, the entire setup weighs only 61 lb (28 kg) and can support a combined weight of up to 330 lb (150 kg), catering to a wide range of users.

Wheely-X Home Cardio Trainer Wheelchair Users Added Resistance
For added workout intensity, users can easily affix included weights to the exterior ends of each roller set.

The Wheely-X is more than just a personal fitness device; its impact is evident in over 50 facilities worldwide where it’s currently in use. This widespread adoption within a year of its market introduction highlights its effectiveness and appeal.

As for its availability, Wheely-X can be purchased directly from the Kangsters website. Priced at US$2,595, it represents a significant investment in personal fitness and accessibility for wheelchair users. While the price might be a consideration for individual users, the benefits it offers in terms of health, independence, and quality of life could well justify the cost.

Wheely-X Home Cardio Trainer Wheelchair Users Racing
Two users engage in a competitive race using the Wheely-X app.

In summary, Wheely-X stands as a significant advancement in fitness equipment, specifically designed for wheelchair users. It not only bridges a long-standing gap in accessible fitness solutions but does so with innovative technology and engaging user experience. Its market presence and the positive reception further underscore its effectiveness and utility. With Wheely-X, wheelchair users now have a reliable and interactive way to maintain fitness from the comfort of their homes or in specialized facilities.

Wheely-X Home Cardio Trainer Wheelchair Users Setup
The Wheely-X system includes two vertical handles, functioning as hand brakes for complete control.

Source: Wheely-X