GlideCycle: Pedal-free bike lets you jog without heavy impact on your knees

With GlideCycle, experience running with the body weight of a child, and the muscle power of an adult.

All over the world, brisk walking and running remain the most popular forms of exercise. While these physical activities unarguably offer numerous benefits, they also take a toll on the human body. In America, for example, about 70% of the 50 million people that go running each year would sustain an injury that needs physical rehabilitation. Most of these people either switch to other physical activities or quit exercising for good.

The GlideCycle is a weightless running revolution that hopes to minimize the impact of gravity on runners and walkers. When we run, we push our body to work against the ground reaction force, which could be as much as 2.4 times our weight. GlideCycle is specially designed to minimize this force and consequently reduce the impact on the ankles and knees. The manufacturers claim that ‘runners using the GlideCycle experience an 86% reduction in the ground reaction force’, thereby significantly minimizing the chance of injuries.

Design and features

On casual examination, the GlideCycle looks like a regular bicycle with an overhead bar and extra spacing between the wheels. However, one would soon realize this bicycle has no pedals, cranks, chains, or any connection between the wheels. Furthermore, the saddle is conspicuously absent. Instead, GlideCycle sports some sort of trapeze device that suspends the glider by the waist.

According to the manufacturers, GlideCycle is designed as a sports and fitness training and injury prevention tool. It supposedly offers great benefits for people who want to run, but whose knees and ankles are no longer healthy enough to bear their weight. GlideCycle suspends the rider in the same way a baby’s walker would, minimizing the impact on the knees and ankles. Young and active people who want to avoid sports injuries can also enjoy the amazing benefits of exercising with the GlideCycle.

What makes the GlideCycle unique?

GlideCycle is different from virtually every other exercising tool because it promises weightless running. The equipment’s patented running system lifts the body by cradling the pelvis into the natural spring arch frame. Thus, runners can achieve a closer motion to actual walking or running without having to overcome significant ground reaction force. With GlideCycle, you can run as far, as fast or as hard as you want without impact pain.

How easy is using the GlideCycle?

Watching videos of GlideCyclists creates the feeling that the equipment might need a great deal of getting used to. However, the manufacturers assure that exercising with GlideCycle is as easy as it gets. According to the website, learning the basics takes about 20 minutes, but you may need another 20 miles to become a pro.

What happens when running uphill or downhill?

GlideCycle is an effective exercise tool for all terrains. When going uphill, all you have to do is mimic your usual walking or running motion. Going downhill, however, presents a slightly different challenge. Riders would need to keep their feet up, just like when riding a bicycle, and ensure that the equipment does not move faster than 25mph. GlideCycle’s linear-pull brakes would come in handy in such situations.

Pricing info

Updated 2nd April, 2021: GlideCycle is currently priced at $1,729. You can visit the official website to place your order or learn more about the product.