Z-Triton: House-boat-trike allows you to travel over land and water

Z-Triton is perfect for expeditions around the world or for recreation - a weekend getaway deep in the nature.

Latvian design studio, Zeltini, recently released the prototype of their ultimate electric camper, and we can’t stop ourselves from gushing over it. The Z-Triton is partly a trike, a boat, and a home, making it arguably the most versatile adventure vehicle ever made. The amphibious vehicle fits the company’s vision of creating sustainable products and prototypes that are both fun and functional.

According to the manufacturers, Z-Triton provides ‘a sort of unique experience because there’s no other such thing.’ They also believe the floating house on a tricycle is perfect for nature-themed getaways and expeditions around the world.

Design and features

On casual viewing, you could easily mistake the Z-Triton for a cargo tricycle. However, a closer inspection would reveal that the ‘cargo space’ is more like a house, which, according to the manufacturers, is big enough for two people to sleep in. The ‘house’ also has a kitchen, lights, fan, and a charging station, among other features that facilitate comfort and functionality.

Z-Triton’s manufacturer, Aigars Lauzis, came up with the design after spending four years traveling from London to Tokyo on his bike. He felt the journey would have been more comfortable and fun if his bicycle had more than two wheels and could cross the smaller water bodies. Z-Triton fits this bill and goes one step further by not relying solely on leg power. Instead, the vehicle is equipped with an electric boat engine powered by two 250-watt electric motor hubs and a solar panel.

Redefining sustainability

As mentioned earlier, Zeltini takes pride in creating environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Z-Triton follows this tradition and even takes it a notch higher, if the prototype is anything to go by. It features a solar panel that will satisfy virtually all the Triton’s electricity needs. Furthermore, the designer plans to produce most of the vehicle’s components locally on a 3D printer. According to a recent YouTube update, they have been following through with the plans.

Land to water mode in three steps

The Z-Triton house-boat-trike on land.

The most intriguing feature of Z-Triton is its ability to act as both a bicycle and a boat. And the conversions process takes place in a few minutes or less. Below are the steps involved in switching to boat mode according to the prototype video:

  • Relax the rear wheels to give room for floats on either side.
  • Raise and lock the front wheels.
  • Slide the roof backward to open up the interior and give room for the boat occupants.

The boat’s interior would comfortably accommodate two adults. The seats may also be detached to leave enough sleeping space for two people. On the other hand, the tricycle mode can only accommodate one rider, although there’s a child seat and another pet seat.

Pricing info

Updated 5th April, 2021: Z-Triton is still at the development stage. The manufacturers plan to roll it out to the public before the end of 2021. There is a pre-order form on the Z-Triton website, which you can fill up to register your interest. As per the form, the price will be 10,000 + EUR (Ready-made version), depending on specification. The company plans to sell Z-Triton both as Ready-made and DIY kits (self-assembly). DIY kit will cost less than the Ready-made version but will be available later on (2022).