Creality CR-6 SE: Auto-leveling 3D printer kit

Creality CR-6 SE is an auto-leveling 3D printer kit that can give shape to your creativity.

Creality is no stranger to the world of 3D printers. They have been the brains behind some of the most popular printers in the consumer segment. For the first time, however, the Chinese company is attempting to launch its product via crowdfunding. And if the Kickstarter success thus far is anything to go by, the CR-6 SE auto-leveling 3D printer promises to be yet another great invention from Creality.

Design and features

CR-6 SE shares a lot of physical similarities with the Ender 3V2, a newly released printer from the company. However, the printer also boasts numerous outstanding features that make it one of the most exciting 3D printers released in recent times. Perhaps the most intriguing property of CR-6 SE is that it’s suitable for everyone- pros, hobbyists, and newbies alike. The manufacturers claim that the device’s simple operation will provide users with premium 3D printing experience and enable more users to acquire advanced skills easily.

Complete set up in a few minutes

If you’ve ever had to spend hours figuring out how to set up your 3D printer, you’d better appreciate the pre-assembled state of CR-6 SE. Setting up your printer should not take more than a few minutes because all that’s left to do is connecting the gantry to the base. Users require no prior experience or special skill; it’s almost as good as starting to print right out of the box.

Unique Leveling-Free Technology

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this printer is the innovative true Leveling-Free Technology. Avid 3D printers know that unleveled beds greatly compromise the quality of prints, and it appears no printer has been able to address this problem as seamlessly as CR-6 SE. The printer’s photo-electric sensor handles the bed-leveling, and it delivers accurately such that users can enjoy high-quality prints without putting in too much work.

Customizable nozzle

The CR-6 SE features a modular nozzle that’s easily customizable. Users have the freedom to disable the nozzle and change the heat sink, Teflon, tube, heat block, or nozzle tip to suit the current project they’re working on. Finally, you can truly say goodbye to the myriad nozzle-related replacement issues that affect print quality and productivity.

Tempered Glass Plate

Creality CR-6 SE’s build platform is made from a carborundum glass plate. The solid print bed can reduce the need for adhesives, provide a smooth printing surface, improve overall material adhesion, and facilitate easy removal of printed materials after cooling.

Dependable extruder

CR-6 SE’s extruder is specially designed to provide optimal reliability and compactness. The manufacturers believe that the smoother extrusion and easier filament feed will lead to faster, quieter, and smoother prints. You can rest assured you’ll be getting nothing short of premium 3D printing experience.

3D printing with next to no noise

Who says your 3D printer have to be annoyingly loud before it can give life to your models? CR-6 SE sports a silent chipset with a trinamic driver that ensures voltage control, fast movement, and noiseless printing.

Pricing info

Updated 26th Dec, 2020: CR-6 SE auto-leveling 3D printer ran a successful crowdfunding campaign back in May 2020. The Kickstarter campaign enjoyed tremendous backing, generating more than $4.3 million from over 10,000 backers. The printer is now available to purchase via their official website.