Road trip in a two-story luxury motorhome

Rioja Singular Vehicles Luxury Motorhome
Rioja Motorhome is a transforming 2-story luxury apartment on wheels. Images © Rioja Singular Vehicles

Motorhomes aren’t usually considered to be luxurious. Usually, they’re used for camping trips and to lug around ATVs and dirt bikes. It’s nicer than sleeping in a tent, but generally, they only appeal to certain crowds. That’s because most people have never seen Rioja’s Maverick Viñales MV12–a deluxe, two-story motorhome. From its futuristic exterior to its modern interior, this motorhome offers an elegant experience.

About Rioja Singular Vehicles

Rioja Singular Vehicles is a company from Spain that has been around since 1860 and specializes in customizable motorhomes, buses, trailers, and mobile event stations. The company has built a name for itself as a top-quality vehicle manufacturer that offers unique products unlike anything else on the market. Rioja has worked with several top-tier companies, such as Porsche, Red Bull, Formula One, and other private clients.

If guests were blindfolded before stepping into one of Rioja’s specialized vehicles, they would think they were in a luxury building with high-quality furniture, flooring, and decorations. However, with a little disassembly and a few clicks of a button, the Rioja vehicles can convert into mobilized units.

The two-story motorhome

Rioja is one of the few companies in its class and continues to push the boundaries of possibility, as the Maverick Viñales MV12 proves. Once the Rioja luxury motorhome is stationary, a hydraulic system lifts its roof and pushes out various sections of the vehicle. After a few moments, the MV12 converts into a completely transformed two-story motorhome.

The transformation process does take a bit of assembly. Owners will need to raise the awning and insert glass panels to create a balcony space on the second floor. With the roof raised and other compartments popped out, the MV12 is massive. Although it’s impressive, it would be difficult to store the vehicle and find areas to use it.

Balcony space on the second floor.

What’s inside?

Inside feels like being in a deluxe condo equipped with everything a standard home would have. The entire interior has a sophisticated, modern design. There’s a spacious master bedroom with a private bathroom, workspace, and plasma TV. There are two other elegant rooms, a hangout area, and a spare bathroom. Usually, motorhomes are limited in storage space, but owners won’t have to worry about that in the MV12 as there are dressers and closets for each guest.

The company claims that its luxury motorhomes can comfortably sleep up to eight people. Certain beds that aren’t needed can be folded against the wall to free up an extra room.

How much does it cost?

The company doesn’t provide official prices because each of the Rioja vehicles is completely customized. Clients can choose between single or multiple-story motorhomes and alter any details to their liking. With that being said, it has been estimated that the Maverick Viñales MV12 costs over $2,500,000. All that luxury doesn’t come cheap.


At such a high price, most people can only dream of owning the Rioja luxury motorhome; however, the company does offer rentals. Anyone interested in renting one of its vehicles can contact Rioja through its website for pricing and availability.

Source: Rioja Singular Vehicles