E-bike with a built-in boombox tracks air pollution while riding

Noordung Boombox eBike Tracks Air Pollution
Noordung Boombox features a PM 2.5 and PM 10 particle sensor which keeps track of air pollution. Images © Noordung

No one likes to breathe in pollution and we want to limit our exposure as much as possible for our health and well-being. When you’re riding your bike you’re more exposed to things like smog, and since a lot of bike lanes are right next to main roads, you’re being impacted by even more car emissions than usual. But what if your bike could tell you which routes have the least pollution?

Noordung’s newest e-bike, referred to by the company as “The Noordung Boombox”, does exactly that. The Noordung Boombox includes a sensor that not only tracks the air quality of an area, but also uploads that information to a database available to users on their Noordung app. The e-bike also includes four powerful speakers for the user, as well as a quiet, electric hub motor developed entirely by their engineers.

Sturdy, sleek, efficient design

Noordung’s Boombox e-bike has a retro style and includes quite a number of upscale features. The e-bike is all black with a mix of glossy and matte components. It has a smooth carbon fiber frame, as well as a 5 spoke carbon wheel-set, complete with lavish Pirelli Angel GT Urban tires. The e-bike also includes a vintage headlamp produced by Lightmove as well as a rear light, so that users can travel safely whether it’s day or night.

It features a 10-speed Microshift Advent transmission, and a high end Magura braking system. Without question, the e-bike’s most impressive feature is its state of the art Boombox that contains tons of elaborate tech. The Boombox contains 4 upward angled speakers that are capable of producing high-fidelity sound, although that’s not its sole purpose. The Boombox also contains the bike’s particle sensors that are used to monitor air pollution.

Noordung Boombox Speakers
Noordung Boombox has four built-in speakers

Noordung even included a phone holder that charges users’ phones, to ensure that they’ll always be able to use their app to pick the route with the least pollution. Speaking of charging, the e-bike has an assisted range of 60 kilometers or 37 miles on a single 3 hour charge!

Noordung Boombox Phone Holder
Noordung Boombox phone holder

How does a bike track air pollution?

Noordung’s company website establishes its definition of pollution as “the contamination of both the indoor and outdoor air environment by any chemical, physical, or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere.”  The e-bike’s Boombox component contains a particulate matter 2.5 and particulate matter 10 sensor that measures these aerosols.

While taking the bike for a ride, users are tracking real-time data on air quality. Once measured, the data will be included in the Noordung smartphone app, so that users can opt for routes with the least air pollution. The more people that use the Boombox e-bike, the more data of which bike routes have the freshest air will be available to users. 

Costs and release times

The Noordung Boombox e-bike is currently available for pre-order via their official website. It is priced at €6,990, which at the time of this writing is about US$6,950.

Source: Noordung