RayCue 128K 14-in-1 docking system: Channeling nostalgia with modern functionality

RayCue 128K Retro-Style Docking Station
The cute-looking RayCue 128K Docking System is a seamless blend of retro Macintosh aesthetics with modern connectivity features.

In a digital age where the announcement of the iPhone 15 captures headlines, RayCue takes a different route, offering a unique blend of retro charm and modern convenience. Known for its premium digital hubs, RayCue has introduced the 128K, a 14-in-one docking system that evokes the look of the iconic Macintosh 128K from 1984.

Design and features

The RayCue 128K seamlessly merges aesthetics and functionality. While its exterior design pays homage to the blocky, retro look of the Macintosh 128K, the internals are pure 21st century. This is more than just a visual trick; the 128K is a full-fledged, versatile docking station. The product comes in two versions: a basic model and a feature-added Pro model, both available through Kickstarter.

For connectivity, the front of the hub features a TF/SD card slot, two USB 3.0 ports, USB-C, and a 3.5mm audio input. The back side is equally well-equipped, boasting additional USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, an RJ45 connector, DC 5.5 input, USB-C Host, and HDMI outputs (two for the 128K and three for the Pro model).

Both the basic and Pro models include a 3.5-inch color display that is customizable and exceeds the quality of the original Macintosh’s display. Compatibility is also broad; the docking system supports Windows 10 or higher, ChromeOS 100 or above, and macOS 11 or above.

RayCue 128K Retro-Style Docking Station Kickstarter
The RayCue 128K docking system is presently on Kickstarter.

Special features in Pro model

The RayCue 128K Pro ups the ante with some additional features. It includes a Bluetooth speaker for wireless music streaming and an app that offers more customization options. It also supports 100-W laptop charging, providing a comprehensive solution for today’s connectivity needs.

Portability and additional accessories

Further enhancing its usability, RayCue has designed an accompanying portable hub called the 128K Pocket. This ‘keyboard-like’ accessory can be plugged into any laptop’s USB-C port, offering additional ports including TF/SD card slot, USB 3.0, and HDMI.

RayCue 128K Retro-Style Docking Station Pocket Dock
The 128K Pocket Dock offers versatile port options in a compact design, serving as the perfect portable complement to the RayCue 128K system.

Pricing and availability

While nostalgia often comes at a price, the RayCue 128K models are relatively affordable. During the Kickstarter campaign, the basic model is priced at $169, offering a 32% discount. The Pro version, with the Bluetooth speaker, comes in at $199 (33% off). For those interested in a complete package, the Pro model along with the 128K Pocket hub is priced at $229, giving buyers a 39% discount. Delivery is expected in December 2023 and shipping is available worldwide.

Source: Kickstarter