ZMI No. 20: The ultra-powerful powerbank

ZMI No. 20 has an ultra-high capacity of 25000mAh and 210W max output for all your charging needs.

Good power packs are hard to come by these days. They often don’t store enough power or don’t charge your devices fast enough. With the ZMI No. 20 power pack, you can change the way you power up your devices away from home. ZMI power packs are incredibly efficient and portable. So, I’ll be talking more about their features and their availability throughout the rest of this post!

Lightweight and portable

ZMI No. 20 is small, nearly weightless, and perfect to take with you on the go. It is airplane safe, as well, and can be put into your pocket or any bag with ease.

Small yet powerful device

Most power blocks hold around 60W of power. This kind of power output might be good for a phone charge or two. However, if you are traveling or away from home all day, you might need something more powerful.

Luckily, the compact ZMI No. 20 holds up to 210W of combined power. This is enough for six phone charges or even 1.3 charges of a laptop.

Charges your devices lighting fast

Not only is the ZMI No. 20 powerful, but it is also lightning fast. You can get your phone fully charged in under two hours. Laptops also come close to a full charge with an hour of charging through the ZMI.

Designed to charge more than one device

The ZMI power pack can be used to charge multiple devices at one time. It has three different ports with different power outputs. So, you can use this product on your laptop, phone, tablet, and portable gaming consoles. It is USB compatible, and you can charge three devices all at once.

Safety is prioritized

Finally, ZMI No. 20 prioritizes your safety first. The device is equipped with a thermal protection system. This way, your power pack does not overheat and explode. The company says that overcharge protection is built into the ZMI too. So, your devices are kept safe as they charge with this product!

Other power blocks can get overheated and reach dangerous temperatures. But, you will never have to worry about this with the ZMI No. 20.

Reliable and durable

In addition, this product is made to last. Many power block products have a tendency to die quickly and have a low battery capacity. With the ZMI No. 20, you won’t have this issue. The recharge-ability of this device is extremely high!

Availability and price of ZMI No. 20

ZMI No. 20 is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign has received more than $US60,000 in funding from over 570 backers so far, with 16 days remaining. At the crowdfunding stage, the device is available for only $US99. Later on, the selling price for the product is set to be $US199. The ZMI will be shipped out by April of 2021, and you can get this product in packs as well. Here’s a secret perk link if you are interested in getting the powerful powerpack.