Bebird N3 Pro: The easy ear cleaning solution

Bebird N3 Pro is an ear cleaning tweezer and rod 2-in-1.

There aren’t a lot of easy ways to clean your own ears. Q-tips are inefficient and often downright dangerous, and taking a trip to the doctor can be painful and costly. Fortunately, the Bebird N3 Pro ear cleaner seeks to remedy this problem. It offers a variety of features to ensure that maintaining proper ear care is easy, safe, and convenient. By investing in it now, you can reap the benefits of this product when it finally arrives on the market.

Design Overview

The Bebird N3 Pro is a high-tech ear cleaner. It provides a simple, streamlined way of ensuring your ears remain clean and well taken care of. The product functions as a robotic arm tweezer that doubles as an ear cleaning rod, allowing you to insert the arm into your ear and effectively remove any debris. You simply sync the device to an app on your smartphone. The Bebird will stream a video of the interior of your ear from a 10 million pixel HD camera, so that you can clean out your own ears.

The Bebird’s 6-axis smart gyroscope detects small hand movements, which helps to prevent it from accidentally being jammed too deep into your ear. The tip comes in three different sizes, so you can adjust based on the size of your ear canal. Its intelligent temperature control settings change to attempt to match your body temperature, avoiding burns on the sensitive interiors of your ears. Additionally, it comes with a micro lens, which will allow you to zoom in even closer on specific areas of your ear. A fully charged Bebird N3 Pro can last for an entire month. The company claims that it can be used on children as young as three years old.

Pricing & Availability

Currently, you can invest in the Bebird N3 Pro through Indiegogo in the form of a crowdfunding campaign. Investors from all over the world have been contributing to the production of this product in return for perks such as discounts and early access. Participating in this campaign can allow you to purchase the future product with as much as a 43% discount, depending on the amount you invest. The campaign has been very successful thus far, garnering over 2,600 backers and close to $US200,000 in funding. The product is expected to ship out beginning in April of 2021. Here’s a secret perk for those interested in getting the Bebird N3 Pro.


The Bebird N3 Pro looks like a safe, effective, and easy way of cleaning your own ears. It utilizes advanced technology to effectively move through your ear without risking a punctured eardrum. Its camera connects to your phone so that you will be able to view your progress on a high resolution, 10 million pixel camera. It can be used while sitting, standing, or lying down. It is scheduled to be available for the general public beginning in April 2021. Until then, investors can participate in a crowdfunding campaign that can open them up to perks of up to 43% off the product’s eventual value.