Battery operated mobile lifting chair helps a fallen person

Raizer is a battery operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person, who can't get up again, comfortably up to a sitting or almost standing position in a dignified and safe way.

Raizer by Liftup is a simple battery operated mobile lifting chair. It helps a fallen person up to an almost standing position within a few minutes. Raizer can be assembled with ease and operated by only one assistant. It does not require any physical effort besides a supportive hand.

List of features

  • Mobile lifting chair for transfer from floor to a sitting or standing position
  • Minimal physical effort for the assistant
  • Both citizen and assistant can feel safe in the process
  • Easy to transport in 2 light bags
  • Assembly prior to operation: max 3 minutes
  • Comfortable and safe for the person on the floor
  • Safe working load: 150 kg
  • Seat: Width 47 cm depth 22 cm
  • Battery capacity: approx. 100 transfers before charging
  • Cleaning-friendly

Ergonomic benefits

Personnel in home care as well as ambulance services can use Raizer. In fact, Raizer can be perfect for all personnel working with lifting and moving of individuals with reduced mobility. The helper can, without assistance, handle the Raizer and the person on the floor with minimal physical effort, thus lifting and moving don’t put the assistant’s back, arms, etc. at risk.

Easy to transport

You can disassemble Raizer after use, and thus easily transport and use anywhere and in any situation. This innovative aid for lifting and moving allows the assistant to help a fallen person to sit or stand in a few minutes (including the assembly) from arrival on site.

Simple handling

You can carry Raizer in the disassembled form to the place where you intend to use it. It is battery powered and remote controlled.


Liftup mentions that they had cooperated with a partner in design and innovation during the development process to achieve the exclusive expression of the Raizer. They carefully selected all the materials with focus on stability and durability, and in consideration of both the helper and the fallen person.

Pricing info

Liftup sells Raizer via a network of distributors. We have checked out a few distributors’ websites online, and it’s priced around $4,300. Have a look at Raizer’s official website and find a distributor in your region.

Updated 13th June, 2021: Liftup has now come up with Raizer II, which is an optimized version of the Raizer, with a new design and with new functions.


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  1. Hello. I would like to buy the Battery operated mobile lifting chair helps a fallen person. How much does it cost? Where can I get it from? Please I need it for my father ASAP.

  2. How much, and will insurance (specifically Medicare) cover the cost? I’m looking for my parents, moreso for my dad who is 84 and has fallen numerous times in the past 3 years.

  3. Would like to know where I can get this for my husband. I have to call someone to help me get him up when he has fallen or slipped off the bed.

  4. Excellent idea. My mom is older and has had several incidents that she list her balance and ended up on the ground. My mother is a large woman. I could not help her up by myself. I needed the assistance of the fire dept. With this device I could help her myself within minutes.
    How much is this device??

  5. Do you know if Blue Cross Blue Shield will help to pay for this?? As $3,500. Is way out of my price range. But this is such an awesome idea.

  6. Hello. I would like to buy the Battery operated mobile lifting chair helps a fallen person. How much does it cost? Where can I get it from? Please I need it for my father ASAP.

  7. How much the lifting chair and where get it and does Insuarnce cover it interested in it for my mom and handicapped daughter

  8. How could i get more Information on yoyr product this would be suck a great help for my Mom when my dad fall’s hes wheel chair bond in stead of waiting for one of her kids and grand kids to get to there house to help her with our dad.


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