Veli full-suspension mountain bike with unique rear-end design

Veli Mountain Bike Vasttech Rear Suspension
Veli's unique Vasttech rear suspension. Images © Veli

Veli, the advanced full-suspension mountain bike, has a rear end that is unconventional yet designed to offer superior benefits over traditional setups. Veli is the first production bicycle to use Vasttech rear suspension system, which allows the bike to have a hard-tail-style double diamond frame that is lighter and stronger than most full-suspension frames.

The Vasttech system also allows the wheel axle to move rearward, reducing pedal bob and improving the bike’s sensitivity to small bumps by reducing its unsprung mass. The rear axle travel path and reduced unsprung mass have a significant impact on the bike’s ability to absorb square edge bumps and provide greater control, less loss of forward momentum, and superior pedaling efficiency.

Superior pedaling efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of the Veli mountain bike is its superior pedaling efficiency. The Vasttech rear suspension system allows for greater chain pull force where it is needed, resisting pedal bob in the pedaling zone of 20-35% sag. This feature provides more direct acceleration and keeps the rear end from squatting on steep climbs and sprints. The Veli design ensures zero chain pull in the big hit zone through to bottom out, keeping chain growth and associated pedal kick-back to an absolute minimum.

Compared to a linkage-driven single pivot design of equal travel and identical geometry with the main pivot point 66mm above the bottom bracket, the Vasttech design provides a 21% reduction of pedal kickback for every large impact encountered. The Vasttech design reduces overall chain growth, allowing the suspension to perform unhindered by the mass of the rider’s legs and the bike’s crankset.

The superior pedaling kinematics and suspension action are achieved by a rear axle travel path that is more rearward than conventionally achievable at the beginning of stroke and through the pedaling zone. After the pedaling zone is passed, the axle path becomes vertical and then slightly forward through to bottom-out.

Veli Mountain Bike Cross-Country
The Veli mountain bike is designed for cross-country use.

Bump absorption / Axle travel path

The rear axle travel path has a significant impact on a bike’s ability to absorb square-edge bumps. The Vasttech suspension system moves the rear wheel in a manner that most closely matches the vector of the force applied by the obstacle, making it the most efficient.

The vector of force directed on the rear wheel is always rearward and upward, never purely vertical. The Veli’s suspension system increases efficiency, leading to greater control and less loss of forward momentum every time a square-edged bump is encountered.

Reduced un-sprung mass

Veli Mountain Bike Vasttech Rear Suspension Weight
Veli is claimed to weigh in at 9.59 kg (21.1 lb) – pedals and saddle not included.

The Veli mountain bike is designed to have reduced un-sprung mass. Un-sprung mass refers to the parts of the bike insulated from the mainframe and rider by the shock. By reducing un-sprung mass, the Veli’s suspension system improves the bike’s handling and pedaling efficiency. The effects of reducing un-sprung mass are well documented, and it is an essential feature of high-end mountain bikes.


The Veli advanced full-suspension mountain bike is a unique design that offers numerous advantages over traditional mountain bike setups. The Vasttech rear suspension system, which is the first of its kind, is designed to optimize the bike’s full-suspension capabilities.

The Veli’s rear axle travel path, superior pedaling efficiency, and reduced un-sprung mass all contribute to the bike’s exceptional performance. While the Veli is not cheap (priced at AU$13,700 – about US$9,359), it is a top-of-the-line bike that is sure to satisfy serious mountain bikers looking for a superior experience on the trails.

In conclusion, the Veli mountain bike is a prime example of how innovative technology can enhance performance in sports. With its unconventional rear suspension system, the Veli is a game-changer in the world of mountain biking. Check out its Vasttech rear suspension in the video below.

Source: Veli, Vasttech