The Hero Arm™: A revolutionary bionic arm for people with limb differences

Open Bionics Hero Arm Limb Difference
Open Bionics partnered with Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and more to offer a range of Hero Arm covers inspired by some of your favorite characters. Images © Open Bionics

Living with a limb difference can be challenging. Whether it’s due to birth defects, traumatic accidents, or illnesses, people with below-elbow limb differences face a variety of physical and emotional obstacles in their daily lives. The Hero Arm™ is an advanced, lightweight, 3D printed bionic arm that can help people with limb differences regain independence, confidence, and a sense of style. Engineered and manufactured in the UK, the Hero Arm is now available in over 800 locations worldwide, including the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and is suitable for both adults and children as young as 8.

Multi-grip functionality

The Hero Arm comes with up to 6 easy-to-select grips, allowing users to perform a wide range of daily tasks. The Fist Grip is the Hero Arm’s main power grip and can be used to pick up bottles, hold onto handles, or shake someone’s hand. The Hook Grip is ideal for carrying a shopping bag or briefcase and doing a thumbs-up. The Tripod Grips A and B provide a stable grip for small or thin objects, with the ring and pinky fingers extended or tucked away, respectively.

The Pinch Grips A and B are perfect for picking up very small objects or doing an “OK” sign or a “come here” gesture, respectively. The Hero Arm also features a 180° Wrist Rotation, allowing users to spin the arm quickly and easily, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks. Both Small and Large size wrists are available.

MagSwap™ removable covers

The Hero Arm is not just a functional tool; it’s also a fashion statement. With over 50 swappable magnetic covers, users can switch up their style to match their mood or personality. Every Hero Arm includes one set of free covers, and users can choose from a wide range of styles for adults and children. Thanks to Disney, Lucasfilm, and Marvel, the Hero Arm also offers a range of covers featuring characters and stories from their franchises. Children can now accessorize their bionic arm to match their favorite heroes, showcasing that their uniqueness is their superpower, and they should not feel like they have to hide their limb difference.

Open Bionics Hero Arm Removable Covers
Switch up your style with over 50 swappable magnetic covers.

BOA™ fit adjustment

The Hero Arm is designed to fit snugly and comfortably to the user’s arm, thanks to the BOA™ fit adjustment dial. The limb expands and contracts throughout the day, and the Hero Arm can too! Users can tighten or loosen the frame and find their perfect fit with ease.

Open Bionics Hero Arm BOA Adjustable Fit
Tighten or loosen the frame with the BOA™ fit adjustment dial.

Flexible, breathable, and washable VentTech™ liner

The Hero Arm’s liner is 3D printed from a soft, flexible elastomer, which allows it to conform to the shape of the user’s arm. The fluted design also means that it can expand outwards, making it easier to take the arm on and off. Additionally, the liner benefits from the VentTech™ design, featuring breathable vents throughout the liner that ensure heat from the user’s limb can escape, and fresh air can get in. It’s important to keep all parts of a prosthesis that are in contact with the skin clean, which is why the liner is fully removable and washable.

Freeze mode

The Hero Arm developers understand the importance of peace of mind when using a prosthesis, which is why they have developed Freeze Mode. Freeze Mode allows users to temporarily lock the position of the hand and disable muscle control. This feature allows users to freeze the hand with an object held, without worrying about accidentally sending a muscle signal and releasing their grip.

Open Bionics Hero Arm Freeze Mode
Freeze Mode allows you to temporarily lock the position of the hand, and disable the muscle control.

Sidekick App: The new companion for your Hero Arm

The Sidekick app has been developed to ensure that Hero Arm users can easily adopt and make the most out of their new bionic arm. Packed with training videos, how-to guides, performance tracking, and personalization features, Sidekick can be paired with a Bluetooth enabled Hero Arm to unlock all features. With Sidekick, users can adjust Hero Arm LED brightness, beeper volume, vibration power, check battery status, and train, track, store, and share their progress. This industry-leading feature allows users to enjoy interactive challenges with their Hero Arm to test grip strength and response rates, giving them confidence about the adoption progress of their new bionic arm.

In conclusion, the Hero Arm is an innovative and empowering solution for individuals with below-elbow limb differences. The range of grips and the quick-rotate wrist make it versatile for a wide range of tasks, while the MagSwap covers allow for personalization and self-expression. The BOA fit adjustment and VentTech liner provide comfort and adaptability, and the Sidekick app offers comprehensive support and training for users. With the Hero Arm, individuals with limb differences can embrace their uniqueness and showcase it proudly as their superpower.

Source: Open Bionics