Holoconnects showcased its advanced hologram technology at CES 2024

Holoconnects Holobox 3D Holographic Box Hospitality
The Holobox's versatility transforms check-ins and guest interactions across diverse hospitality settings, redefining service excellence. Images courtesy Holoconnects

At the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, Holoconnects, a pioneer in AI-powered holographic solutions, made a significant mark with its showcase of advanced hologram technology. The company unveiled its latest products: the Holobox and Holobox Mini, demonstrating the potential of immersive holographic experiences across various industries.

Innovative technology for diverse applications

Holoconnects has earned acclaim for its cutting-edge technology, with endorsements from major organizations and companies such as UNICEF, the United Nations, Nike, and BMW. The versatility of its holographic solutions is evident in their application across multiple sectors, including sustainability, healthcare, education, and entertainment. The CES 2024 exhibition offered a comprehensive look at how these technologies are transforming communication and engagement strategies.

A showcase of lifelike holographic experiences

At CES 2024, Holoconnects presented an array of products designed to captivate and engage audiences. The Holobox, along with its variants, the Modular Holobox and Holobox Mini, demonstrated the capacity to create 3D holographic visualizations of persons, products, or logos. The demonstrations allowed attendees to witness the creation of life-sized holograms of themselves, showcasing the personalized and interactive potential of this technology.

The Holobox series is characterized by its user-friendly design, offering ‘plug and play’ convenience that requires only electricity and an internet connection. These attributes underscore Holoconnects’ commitment to accessibility and ease of use, making advanced holographic technology more attainable for various applications.

Holoconnects Holobox 3D Holographic Box Telehealth
Leverage immersive displays for remote doctor consultations, precise surgical guidance, and improved patient education.

Broad industry impact

Holoconnects’ technology has already seen impactful applications in numerous fields. For instance, its holograms have been used to promote UNICEF’s sustainability initiatives and to support the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) in creating a tangible connection between global citizens and individuals living in crisis zones. Moreover, the hospitality industry has embraced these holographic solutions, employing them as virtual hosts and receptionists, enhancing customer experiences in an innovative way.

André Smith, the founder and CEO of Holoconnects, emphasized the company’s role in driving innovation and transforming ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences. He highlighted the technology’s potential to contribute to a more sustainable world by reducing CO2 emissions through virtual presence, eliminating the need for physical travel.

Holoconnects Holobox 3D Holographic Box Retail
The Holobox and Mini revolutionize retail and advertising with stunning displays for showcases, launches, and promotions, captivating audiences.

Product highlights and specifications

The Holobox, Holoconnects’ flagship product, embodies a significant leap in holographic display technology. Engineered with precision, it boasts an anti-glare glass that minimizes reflections, ensuring clear and vivid images under various lighting conditions. This clarity is critical for creating immersive holographic projections that can captivate audiences in any environment. The device is further equipped with two front-facing, 80W HiFi speakers, delivering crystal-clear sound quality that complements the visual experience. Its large, 86-inch transparent LCD screen, with a display area of 1895 x 1066 mm, allows for life-size, realistic holographic projections, making it an ideal solution for presentations, exhibitions, and promotional activities.

Holoconnects Holobox 3D Holographic Box
The Holobox is an 86-inch marvel offering life-size holograms, high-fidelity sound, and interactive touch capabilities.

The Holobox’s advanced touch system, featuring a 20-point IR (Infrared) multi-touch system, enhances interactivity, allowing users to engage with the holographic content in intuitive ways. With dimensions of 81 inches in height, 55 inches in width, and 30 inches in depth, and weighing 440 lbs, the Holobox combines substantial presence with manageable mobility, facilitated by an optional flight case for transportation. It offers a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160, ensuring high-definition visuals, and includes extended ports for connectivity, including 2 HDMI ports, USB, and LAN, among others, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

On the other hand, the Holobox Mini offers a compact yet powerful alternative, embodying the same cutting-edge technology in a more portable form. Its dimensions of 20 inches in height, 13 inches in width, and 9.3 inches in depth, and a weight of 31 lbs, make it an easily transportable unit, ideal for showcasing products or logos in retail environments, exhibitions, and more. Despite its smaller size, the Holobox Mini features a 21.5-inch LCD screen, providing a perfect platform for displaying products or branding in high detail. The screen’s resolution of 1920 x 1080, combined with In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, ensures sharp, vibrant images from multiple viewing angles.

Holoconnects Holobox Mini 3D Holographic Box
The Holobox Mini is a compact, 21.5-inch powerhouse, perfect for detailed product displays with its vivid screen and portable design.

The device supports various input ports, including HDMI, USB, and display port, allowing for flexible content management. The Holobox Mini’s design is not just about functionality; it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the displayed content, making it an excellent tool for luxury brands, museums, and any setting where visual presentation is key. Together, the Holobox and Holobox Mini represent the forefront of holographic display technology, offering solutions that meet the needs of diverse applications, from large-scale events to intimate product showcases.

Holoconnects Holobox 3D Holographic Box Events
The Holobox elevates events with its holographic display, creating unforgettable visual experiences for attendees.

Content creation and engagement

Holoconnects provides comprehensive support for content creation, utilizing its studios equipped with white screens, studio lights, and professional video cameras. This setup enables the recording of messages and presentations, which can be enhanced with text, QR codes, and live broadcasting features. The technology’s capability to facilitate engaging and interactive experiences is a testament to its potential impact on marketing, education, and beyond.

Holoconnects Holobox 3D Holographic Live Content
Stream live 4K content directly from recording station to a local Holobox, enhancing live events, education, telehealth, and more with digital presence.

Looking ahead: The future of holographic technology

Reflecting on its successful showcase at CES 2024, Holoconnects stands at the forefront of holographic technology, poised to continue its trajectory of innovation. The company’s vision for transforming interactions and making sustainable contributions to the global community underscores the transformative potential of holograms.

Holoconnects Holobox 3D Holographic Box Pre-Recorded Content
Pre-recorded holographic content offers flexibility in message, location, and duration, enhancing presentations with texts, QR codes, and 3D product displays.

As industries seek more immersive and engaging ways to connect with audiences, Holoconnects’ solutions offer a glimpse into the future of communication. The applications of holographic technology are vast and varied, promising to revolutionize how we interact with digital content, enhance remote presence, and create meaningful connections across the globe.

Source: Holoconnects