These Spiral Cellars are every wine lover’s dream

Say you have acquired not just a taste for wines from around the world, but a really rather sizeable collection. Then you run out of storage space and start stacking them in every available nook and cranny in your house. With storage space having run out and no area that can be converted into a dedicated wine room, you could either get rid of some of the wine (unthinkable!) or move to a new house to accommodate your passion – an expensive undertaking.

Spiral Cellars could be a solution to this storage issue

The video on our FB page gives you an understanding of how the Spiral Cellar may be used in a restaurant scenario. In the video, you see a 3m deep White Spiral Cellar with a stunning retractable round glass trap door. The Spiral Cellar offers fantastic storage for your wine collection with the added benefit of being a real showstopper feature. The company offers a glass trap door with an LED system for an even greater effect.

Spiral Cellars claims of over 35 years of knowledge and expertise in the field, and of creating more than 3,800 wine cellars in the UK and numerous others around the world. Going by those statistics, Spiral Cellars could be your company of choice if you wish to create a wine cellar in your home.

Custom Wine Cellar Designs & Wine Cellar Ideas

Spiral Cellars offer an extensive portfolio of cellar options, incorporating everything from underground cellars, to wine cabinets, wine walls and beautifully bespoke wine rooms. Additionally, they provide a number of convenient wine management services including a wine relocation and inventory service and an in-house wine concierge service.

Source: Spiral Cellars