Weatherproof and lockable garage for motorcycle, quad, e-bike or e-scooter

bikeBOX24 is a weatherproof and lockable garage for sophisticated motorcycle-, quad- and e-bike-riders as well as e-scooter.

Owning a motorcycle is one thing. However, as motorcycle owners without a garage have come to learn, storing it is another thing entirely. Parking your bike outdoors leaves you in a state of constant fear because the bike is prone to theft or damage by the elements. The bikeBOX24 is an ‘innovative garage for sophisticated motorcycle-, quad-, and e-bike riders as well as electric scooters.’ It was invented to solve the bike storage problem, providing the perfect shed for your bike while occupying as little space as possible. Whether you’re parking your bike at home or at work, the bikeBOX24 is the bike store you can never go wrong with.

Design and Features

bikeBOX24 is constructed from sturdy automotive-grade plastics that offer protection against extremes of the weather. Asides being weatherproof, bikeBOX24 also comes with a stout lock and galvanized steel reinforcements that make it theft proof. There are heavy-duty telescoping pistons that facilitate opening and closing. The waterproof ventilation holes ensure that enough air enters the bike box without leaking in water. The floor is also waterproof, further ensuring complete protection for your bike. The manufacturer claims all the components are ‘made of high-quality materials and are manufactured exclusively in Germany.’

Using the bikeBOX24

The bikeBOX24 couldn’t be easier to use. After installing the equipment in your preferred parking location, ride up to the box, open it, and park your bark inside. There is a front wheel lock in the bikeBOX that assures you your bike is perfectly parked. When you’re done parking, simply close the box and it locks automatically. Although it may prove inconvenient, you can choose to move your bikeBOX around if there is a need to do so. In that case, you would not install the bikeBOX permanently. You may even purchase a trailer that is specially manufactured for that purpose. The trailer facilitates the safe movement of both the bikeBOX and your bike.

Who’s the bikeBOX for?

The bikeBOX24 is suitable for everyone who owns a bike or electric scooter. It would especially come in handy if you live in a crowded area, a large apartment building or a house without a garage. You can install the bikeBOX in your backyard or under a carport. If you have a personal parking space in your workplace, you could also enjoy the safety and security of parking your bike in a bikeBOX24 whenever you go to work.

Pricing info

The bikeBOX24 is priced around $4,075 for the standard size. The large version costs about $5,125. You can visit the official website for more information and/or to make a purchase.