XION CyberX: 50 mph, 100-mile range custom e-bike with off-road skills

XION CyberX offers the most fun you’ve ever had on an eBike.

Currently, on Indiegogo, Ali Horuz’s campaign for his XION CyberX eBike is live and has exceeded its goal with 20 days left to go. With so many eBikes on the market, you may be wondering what sets the XION CyberX apart from the rest. Keep reading to learn more about the specs and features of this 50mph, 100-mile range custom eBike.

The specs

The XION CyberX eBike is equipped with a 72V battery, full suspension, hydraulic disk brake system, motorcycle tires, a 750-5000W mid-drive motor, steel frame, and is made in the United States – San Diego to be exact. A few of the most prominent bells and whistles include LCD display, a USB charger, and a Bluetooth speaker.

What you can customize

Unlike many other eBikes, the XION CyberX allows you to customize specific components regarding its design. Buyers can choose their own seat color and the color of the bike’s frame. Customers can also choose from three pre-selected panel options – which are constructed from mirror acrylic and illuminated with LED lights. The LED side panels are an add-on feature at check-out. If you prefer the stock acrylic options, you can choose from six different colors – red, white, black, pink, orange, and yellow. Frame color options include red, black, blue, grey, pink, green, orange, and purple.

Range and speed

The 72V battery combined with the efficient 750-watt mid-drive motor provides riders with a few different options regarding their speed and range. When one rider is on the bike, it can cover 75 miles at 20 mph without pedaling. However, the bike can cover up to 100 miles with pedal assist and reach a speed of 50 mph when maxing out the throttle.

It can fit two


The XION CyberX is made with a seat that allows two people to ride comfortably. The extra-long seat is made of vinyl and is shaped like an elongated rectangle. The bike’s manufacturer claims that performance is not affected by the presence of another rider.

LEDs everywhere

In addition to the customizable side panels, the XION CyberX offers more visibility and a futuristic look with tires that light up. The bike’s display screen is also an LCD and provides information regarding the volts, battery meter, mph/kph, trips and distance, and a clock.


Because of CyberX’s electric bicycle classification, it is allowed on mountain bike trails. Its classification allows riders to enjoy some of the perks of having a bicycle rather than a dirt bike. The XION CyberX does not require the rider to obtain a license. However, it does come with a certification of origin, including the VIN, product, model, and year if you are required to register it as a moped in your state.

How to purchase

Manufacturing for the XION CyberX eBike begins in May 2021, with expected VIP delivery to commence in July 2021 and non-VIP delivery expected to start in October 2021. Currently, the bike’s price starts at $3,699, with shipping costing anywhere from $0-$1,000 depending on the location of pick-up or delivery.

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