World’s strongest platform topper holds a truck

GFC Platform Topper Pickup Cap
World's strongest pickup cap, the GFC Platform Topper, holds a truck. Images © GFC

If a company offering a lifetime replacement warranty is wishing you good luck on breaking their product, you know it’s strong. The GFC Platform Topper is a topper/cap designed for your pickup truck that will hold up to 800 pounds of cargo, while still being lightweight enough to not damage your vehicle.

Not only may it be the strongest in the world, it’s also the only platform topper that doubles as a portable cabana. Read on to learn more about how this innovative new product is seemingly shaking the laws of physics.

The company behind the muscle

Go Fast Campers, otherwise simply known as GFC, is a company that started in Montana in the United States of America. The company aims to build extremely lightweight yet highly durable campers for consumers. They have many different products but their all new GFC Platform Camper is one of their strongest yet, and it is designed to do much more than just camping.

High grade features

GFC’s topper has multiple features that make it unique among the competition.

GFC Platform Topper Stack Gear
The GFC Platform Topper lets drivers stack gear high and keep it secure.

High strength: The platform topper is able to hold anything up to 800 pounds and includes 4 different crossbars to aid in doing this.

Quiet transport: The frame is shaped so that if users are off-roading, they won’t be plagued with the sound of the load rattling the whole trip.

Plenty of space: The platform topper also has a lot of features in order to store loads. The crossbars sit above cab height, so that you can transport things that one couldn’t typically do with a regular pickup truck or platform topper. Users are also able to mount accessories on all sides of the topper, for even more storage potential.

GFC Platform Topper Side Hatch
Three flip-up hatches provide easy access inside from every available side of the pickup.

Easy access: The platform provides outside access to the bed of the truck while still being secure thanks to its aluminum locking panels that surround the sides and rear of the truck bed.

Cabana mode: The topper even provides a feature they’ve dubbed Cabana mode, which allows users to get some shade. The roof of the topper has a translucent honeycomb design that lets light in while still being able to keep heat out.

GFC Platform Topper Tailgating Camp Shelter
The Platform Topper doubles as a light tailgating or camp shelter.

A focus on durability

The GFC company website states that they “cut the crap, not corners” when designing the platform topper. According to them, this means that almost every component in the topper is billet aluminum designed. Additionally, they’ve eliminated the potential for stress cracking by only constructing the product without the use of welding. The GFC Platform Topper even has custom frame tubes developed specifically for the product.

GFC Platform Topper 800 lb Load
The GFC Platform Topper holds up to 800 lbs during the ride.

How to get your own

The GFC Platform Topper is currently available for sale on Go Fast Camper’s official website, starting at $3,995. It is available for quite a few trucks, including the Jeep Gladiator, the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, and the Ford Ranger and F150. Other truck models are sure to come, judging by their demand. Interested buyers can check out the latest list of available models via the order form on their website.

Source: GFC