These luxurious floating pods are an eco-friendly residence on the sea

Ocean Builders SeaPod Luxurious Floating Pod
Ocean Builders offers luxury floating homes in the shape of Pods. Images © Ocean Builders

A new type of home has been designed which combines luxury living with eco-friendly functionality. After launching their prototype in 2019, Panama-based marine technology company, Ocean Builders, has gone on to create a new type of environmentally friendly living – floating pods.

Designed by Dutch architect, Koen Olthius, these pod houses have been coined “the world’s first eco-restorative floating homes.” There are three main designs of pods: SeaPods, GreenPods, and EcoPods.


SeaPods are aptly named as the model of Ocean Builders’ premium homes suited for the ocean. These floating pods seek to provide a solution to overpopulation in seaside locations. SeaPods use the same principles for buoyancy as an iceberg. The 1,688 cubic feet of air-filled steel foundation beneath the structure allows the SeaPod to float 3 meters above the waves.

In line with Ocean Builders’ aim to create eco-restorative homes, a SeaPod not only reduces the damage to the land that comes with building a home but creates a habitat for marine life as a fish aggregation device. The floating home creates shade in the water which attracts sea life. This typically starts with barnacles and coral, but after many years, it grows into a marine ecosystem.


GreenPods are the land model of Ocean Builder’s homes that are designed like a futuristic tree house. It is designed to have low impact on the land that it is built on, allowing owners to live in harmony within locations where most homes cannot be built.

Ocean Builders GreenPod
Ocean Builders says that they are building GreenPods at their factory in Linton Bay in Panama.


The EcoPod is the newest design from Ocean Builders that is currently in production. These pods are an eco-friendly option that uphold the same concepts as the SeaPod and GreenPod but are a more affordable option.

All three models of floating pods have identical interior designs. The pods provide a total of 833 square feet of living space over 3 floors. All floors feature the 575-square-foot panoramic window that provides unobstructed views of the ocean or treetops, depending on your pod of choice.

The interior design includes a living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom fitted with a solid waste incinerator, endless shower, and bath spa upgrades. SeaPods also use smart home technology to increase the functionality of the home. A Smart Ring is provided to each owner which allows them to unlock the door, set the temperature, configure light settings, and much more.

Due to the isolated location of pods, occupants can be transported to and from their SeaPods using jet ski and boats. Smaller supplies such as food and medicine will be delivered by drones whilst larger deliveries and garbage disposal will be facilitated by larger vessels.

Pricing and availability of the floating pods

Customers can join a waitlist for purchasing or renting the floating pods with a small deposit of $100. For full ownership of your own pod, the SeaPod Eco is priced at $295,000, and the SeaPod Flagship costs $395,000. Rental stay for the SeaPod Flagship costs $595+ per night.

Source: Ocean Builders