The HypNap TruRest: Embrace a unique sleep experience on economy flights

Hypnap Trurest Sleep-Aid Economy Flights
Experience restful sleep mid-air with the HypNap TruRest, the quirky yet effective travel companion for economy flights. Images © HypNap

The norm for economy airline travel has often been stripped of comfort, leaving little room for a dignified experience. However, a recent product called the HypNap TruRest offers a quirky yet potentially effective solution to catch some sleep during flights. Much akin to resting your face on a padded massage table, the TruRest permits you to tuck your face into a cushy cradle, promising to provide a rejuvenating nap.

It’s important to note that this unconventional sleep aid does not attempt to mimic a serene spa environment. There’s no calming Enya music or soothing whale sounds, but the cacophony of jet engines. Instead of a tranquil ambiance filled with aromatherapy, you are more likely to experience the distinctive ‘aroma’ from the passenger next to you who’s returned from the restroom sans footwear.

In terms of its structure, the TruRest does not attach to any sturdy framework. On the contrary, it clips onto your in-flight tray table, a component often criticized for its fragile build. Astonishingly, the device clips at the point on the tray table that is farthest from its supports, allowing for maximum leverage and creating the potential for springboard action during turbulence.

The TruRest is designed to adapt to the unique dimensions of your face and chest. Once adjusted, you simply lean forward, plant your face into the padded cradle and prepare for a restful sleep. The posture, however, might resemble a scene from a sci-fi movie – a space traveler stepping out of a transport ship onto an alien planet.

Hypnap Trurest Sleep Aid Tray Table
Effortlessly clipping to the tray table, the HypNap TruRest promises a unique sleep experience on your economy flight.

When viewed from the side, the scene can evoke an image of a passenger who appears to have been hit by a prankster’s automatic cream pie dispenser. All of this aside, the startling truth is that the TruRest may very well be one of the best solutions we’ve come across for grabbing some sleep on a flight without subjecting your spine to discomfort.

Indeed, the TruRest is far from a conventional in-flight accessory. It’s an unconventional, humorous, yet effective solution to sleeping on economy flights. However, if you can overlook the potential embarrassment and focus on the refreshing sleep, it’s well worth considering.

As for the pricing, this uniquely effective sleep aid is currently available for a pledge of $145 on Kickstarter. Deliveries are expected to commence in January, with the usual caveats of crowdfunding ventures applicable. While the TruRest may seem eccentric, it could be a game-changer for economy flight passengers desperate for a decent nap.

Hypnap Trurest Sleep Aid Economy Flights Side View
From a side view, the HypNap TruRest gives the amusing impression of a high-altitude ‘cream pie in the face’ prank.

Source: Kickstarter