Easy-to-fly helicopter Skyryse One rivals drone simplicity

Skyryse One Helicopter
The Skyryse One is equipped with a standard Rolls Royce RR300 engine. Images courtesy Skyryse

In the world of aviation, the recent announcement of the Skyryse One helicopter represents a significant leap towards simplifying the complexities of helicopter flight. With a design focused on ease of use, the Skyryse One offers an innovative approach to helicopter controls, boasting a system that consists of just one stick and two touchscreens.

This simplicity is a stark contrast to traditional helicopter cockpits, which are often intimidating with their myriad of controls and gauges. The Skyryse One, priced just shy of $2 million, is poised to make piloting more accessible than ever before.

Skyryse, a California-based aviation company founded in 2016, has dedicated years to the development of a semi-autonomous piloting system. This system, which can be retrofitted into existing third-party helicopters, is fully integrated into the Skyryse One, marking it as the first helicopter designed with this advanced technology from the outset. The cockpit’s radical simplification is made possible through the introduction of SkyOS, the aircraft’s operating system that utilizes fly-by-wire technology.

Fly-by-wire, a concept more commonly associated with modern cars, replaces traditional mechanical linkages with electrical wiring. This innovative technology allows the Skyryse One to streamline its cockpit, eliminating the need for a cyclic stick, collective lever, throttle, and anti-torque pedals to be physically present. Instead, their functions are seamlessly integrated into SkyOS, offering a unique blend of simplicity and functionality.

Skyryse One Helicopter Controls
The control setup of the Skyryse One is more simplistic than the dashboards of many cars.

Despite its simplified control system, Skyryse emphasizes that SkyOS does not render the helicopter fully autonomous. The pilot retains control through a single four-axis stick, with SkyOS enhancing safety and ease of use. The system continuously analyzes pilot inputs, environmental conditions, and aircraft status to maintain the helicopter within a safe flight envelope. Features such as Hover Assist further aid the pilot by stabilizing the helicopter in hover, even without manual input.

The touchscreens in the cockpit serve multiple functions, from engine start-up to activating automated takeoff and landing procedures. In the event of an engine power failure, SkyOS automatically initiates autorotation, managing critical flight functions to ensure a safe landing while still allowing for manual control by the pilot.

Skyryse One Helicopter Capacity
The Skyryse One will reportedly have the capacity to transport a minimum of four passengers in addition to a full fuel load.

Prospective pilots might wonder about the prerequisites for flying the Skyryse One. According to Ray Wert, Skyryse’s VP of communications, obtaining a standard helicopter Private Pilot License suffices, with an additional 20 hours of flight training in the Skyryse One for those already licensed to fly airplanes.

Skyryse is currently accepting deposits of $2,500 from interested buyers, which contributes towards a special introductory price of $1.8 million. With deliveries expected to commence next year following airworthiness certification, the aviation community eagerly awaits the full specifications of this groundbreaking helicopter.

Skyryse One Helicopter 4-Axes Stick
The stick, reminiscent of the one found in an F-35, manipulates flight across four axes.

The Skyryse One stands as a testament to the advancements in aviation technology, offering a blend of safety, simplicity, and sophistication. Its introduction marks a significant step towards making helicopter piloting more accessible, potentially opening the skies to a broader range of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Source: Skyryse