Trigo Up E: Hase Bikes’ recumbent e-trike designed for comfort and accessibility

Hase Bikes Trigo Up E Recumbent Trike
The Trigo Up E from Hase Bikes features a low frame for easy accessibility, and customizable seating for enhanced comfort. Images © Hase Bikes

In recent years, e-bikes have gained popularity among diverse groups of people looking for more sustainable and convenient modes of transport. Germany’s Hase Bikes is stepping up to the challenge by launching a new e-trike model specifically designed to cater to the elderly and people with health conditions that might prevent them from using a regular two-wheeled e-bike. The model, known as the Trigo Up E, aims to offer comfort, ease of use, and stability, particularly to riders with back problems or other health issues.

Easy accessibility

The Trigo Up E features a low frame tube to make it easier for riders to get in and out of the seat, a design choice that company founder Marec Hase says adds to the e-trike’s convenience. Its “stable delta trike configuration” and low center of gravity contribute to making it extremely tip-resistant, even when taking corners, adding an extra layer of safety for users.

Enhanced features

This model serves as an updated and upgraded version of the five-year-old Trigo Up trike. Unlike its predecessor, which could be optionally equipped with pedal-assist, the Trigo Up E comes standard with a Shimano Steps E5000 motor. This provides assistance up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph), in accordance with European rules. Moreover, the e-trike is outfitted with a Shimano Nexus 9-speed gear hub and a Hase differential. Powering the motor is a 504-Wh battery; however, the company has not released estimates on the per-charge range.

Customizable comfort

One of the notable features of the Trigo Up E is its adjustability. Its aluminum frame can stretch from 179 cm (70.5 inches) to 210 cm (82.5 inches) to accommodate riders of different heights. Additionally, the seat itself comes with a wide Vario Comfort seat with adjustable pads, and the option to include an adjustable headrest is available. The seat’s height and angle can also be effortlessly adjusted via a quick-release lever.

Hase Bikes Trigo Up E Recumbent Trike Motor Battery
The Trigo Up E is equipped with a Shimano Steps E5000 motor and a 504-Wh battery, providing pedal-assisted speeds up to 25 km/h in accordance with European regulations.

Moreover, the trike allows for easy adjustments to the handlebar’s height, width, and angle, offering an “Easy Rider vibe” without requiring any tools. It sports three 20-inch wheels: a Kenda tire up front and Schwalbe Big Apple tires at the rear, each with reflective sidewalls for enhanced visibility.

Additional features

Weighing in at 30 kg (66 lbs), the Trigo Up E can carry a load of up to 140 kg (309 lbs). It features a 23-liter basket mounted behind the seat that can carry up to 10 kg (22 lbs) of cargo. Optional small seat bags for carrying personal items like smartphones or wallets are also available. The e-trike comes with full fenders and integrated lighting.

Pricing and customization

The Trigo Up E is available in a pre-configured ivory/black model for €5,990 (about US$6,430). For those who wish to customize their ride, a wide range of accessories including special pedals, crank shorteners, and pendulum pedals is available, enabling users to personalize their trike to their individual needs and preferences.

Hase Bikes Trigo Up E Recumbent Trike Cargo Basket
The Trigo Up E features an adjustable aluminum frame, seat, and handlebar for personalized comfort, along with a 23-liter rear cargo basket for convenient storage.

In conclusion, the Trigo Up E from Hase Bikes appears to be a thoughtful approach to inclusive, comfortable, and safe cycling, especially for those who may find traditional bikes less accommodating. With its range of customizable features and stability-focused design, it offers an attractive option for riders seeking a more accessible way to enjoy the benefits of e-cycling.

Source: Hase Bikes