Gocycle launches CXi family cargo ebikes

Gocycle CXi Family Cargo eBikes
Gocycle is venturing into the cargo ebike segment with the introduction of its folding models, the CXi and CX+. Images courtesy Gocycle

In a significant expansion of its product range, Gocycle has officially entered the cargo ebike market with the introduction of the CXi and CX+ models. This move marks a notable development for the brand, traditionally known for its innovative folding urban ebikes. Since its inception in 2002, Gocycle has been at the forefront of ebike design and technology, leveraging founder Richard Thorpe’s experience from his tenure at McLaren to create a lightweight, folding ebike that debuted in 2009 as the G1. It quickly became hailed as a compelling solution for urban transportation.

The launch of the CXi and CX+ is not just an addition to Gocycle’s lineup but a bold stride into the cargo ebike segment, which has seen increasing interest from a broad spectrum of users, including parents, grandparents, and pet owners, who require a practical solution for transporting goods and loved ones.

Richard Thorpe, the mind behind Gocycle’s innovative designs, emphasized the brand’s commitment to its core values of lightweight and portability with these new offerings. This approach aims to attract customers who might be deterred by the typically bulky and heavy nature of cargo bikes.

Both models adhere to Gocycle’s OneDesignDNA philosophy, ensuring a consistent and sleek design language across the product range. Features like the side-mounted Pitstopwheels, the monocoque chassis inspired by F1 technology, an enclosed Cleandrive drivetrain, and internal cabling underline Gocycle’s dedication to innovation and aesthetics.

The folding cargo ebikes, CXi and CX+, are designed to support a maximum load of 480 lb (220 kg).

The CXi and CX+, while sharing the same base, distinguish themselves through the CX+’s innovative FloFit Handlebar, which introduces adjustable ergonomics for enhanced rider comfort and multiple grip positions.

The cargo ebikes boast a hydro-formed 6061 T6 aluminum front frame paired with a carbon fiber rear frame, extending into what Gocycle has named the WingPillar Frame. This design supports a substantial load capacity of up to 480 lb (220 kg), making it suitable for a wide range of hauling needs. The rear rack is MIK-compatible, offering versatility for accessories and seating options, with the choice of cherry or teak finishes for customization.

Each of the cargo ebikes, CXi and CX+, can be folded into compact dimensions of 46.5 x 15.75 x 30.75 inches.

Despite their robust capabilities, these ebikes maintain a relatively light footprint at 51 lb (23 kg) and can be folded for easy transportation or storage. A 500-W front-hub motor powers the bikes, providing pedal assistance up to 20 mph in the US or 25 km/h in Europe, complemented by a natural and responsive riding experience thanks to a torque sensor. The Shimano Nexus five-speed geared hub, paired with a Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive and electronic predictive shifting, ensures a smooth ride.

For convenience and longevity, the ebikes come equipped with a quick-remove 375-Wh battery capable of up to 50 miles (80 km) on a single charge. Safety and visibility are enhanced with features like a daylight-running headlight and hydraulic disc brakes with protective covers.

The CXi features a traditional Gocycle handlebar with a Daytime Running Light, whereas the CX+ introduces the innovative FloFit bar.

Gocycle is now accepting pre-orders for both models, offering a choice of six colors. A refundable deposit of $499 is required to secure a spot in the production queue, with the CXi priced at $6,999 and the CX+ at $7,999. Deliveries are anticipated to begin in September, opening a new chapter for Gocycle and its customers looking for an efficient, stylish, and practical cargo ebike solution.

Looking ahead, Gocycle has revealed plans to expand its G4 range with additional models catering to various market segments, including non-folding and non-electric options. This strategy reflects the company’s ambition to diversify its product offerings and meet the evolving needs of cyclists worldwide.

The FloFit handlebar offers customizable settings for reach, height, and grip angle.

Source: Gocycle