Wooden electric snow scooter inspired by the traditional lyly ski

eLyly Wooden Electric Snow Scooter
The eLyly electric scooter merges traditional Finnish ski design with modern electric propulsion. Images courtesy eLyly

In the ever-evolving world of micro-mobility, innovations continue to redefine how we perceive and utilize personal transportation devices. The latest to make waves is the eLyly, a unique electric snow scooter hailing from Finland, which combines traditional design with modern electric propulsion.

The eLyly stands out in the crowded electric scooter market, not just for its functionality but also for its distinctive use of materials and design inspiration. Drawing from Finland’s rich history of using wooden skis for snow navigation, the eLyly’s design pays homage to the traditional lyly ski. This historical reference is not merely aesthetic; it’s a foundational aspect of the scooter’s construction, featuring wood in its base, stem, and front ski.

Pasi Kauppinen, the inventor of the eLyly, has ingeniously adapted the old into the new. The original lyly skis required users to employ a second, shorter ski for propulsion. In contrast, the eLyly integrates all necessary propulsion into a single, self-contained unit. It achieves movement through a steerable front ski and a 1,000W electric motor that powers a rubber-tracked drivetrain, reminiscent of a miniaturized snowmobile’s mechanism. This setup enables the eLyly to reach speeds up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph), offering a blend of traditional skiing and modern electric mobility.

The eLyly’s lithium-ion battery boasts a commendable range of 20 to 30 km (12.4 to 18.6 miles) on a single charge, with a recharge time of approximately two and a half hours. This balance between range and recharge time highlights the scooter’s potential for both recreational use and practical snow navigation.

eLyly Wooden Electric Snow Scooter Weight
The eLyly, with its battery, has a total weight of 55 kg (121 lb).

Weighing 55 kg (121 lb.), the eLyly is significantly lighter than a traditional snowmobile, albeit heavier than most electric scooters. However, its design incorporates folding handlebars, enhancing its portability and making it a feasible option for those seeking a compact snowmobile alternative that can easily fit in the trunk of a car.

As of now, the eLyly electric snow scooter is not yet available for purchase, and pricing details remain undisclosed. Given its innovative design and unique features, potential buyers might anticipate a premium price tag. However, for enthusiasts of snow sports and electric mobility alike, the eLyly represents an intriguing fusion of tradition and technology, promising a new way to explore snowy landscapes.

eLyly Wooden Electric Snow Scooter Speed
The eLyly can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h (approx. 15.5 mph).

Source: eLyly