GOAT ‘Go All-Terrain’ micro-camping trailer for off-road adventures

Sylvan Sport GOAT Go All-Terrain Micro-camping Trailer
The roof rack is said to support up to 200 pounds of equipment such as kayaks, bicycles, and boards. Images courtesy SylvanSport

SylvanSport, a company that has been at the forefront of innovative camping solutions for two decades, celebrates its 20th anniversary with the launch of the GOAT, a rugged off-road variant of its pioneering tiny trailer. The GOAT, which stands for “GO All-Terrain,” is designed to meet the demands of adventurers seeking to explore off-grid extremes without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

The GOAT distinguishes itself from SylvanSport’s existing lineup by embracing a more formidable off-road capability. It is equipped with Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tires mounted on Vision steel wheels, an upgrade that not only enhances its grip but also contributes to its menacing black-out aesthetics.

The trailer’s off-road readiness is further supported by a Timbren HD Axle-Less suspension system, which provides improved impact absorption and increases ground clearance to 18 inches, up from the 13 inches offered by the original GO trailer. This adjustment also improves the departure angle to 42 degrees, and an optional articulating coupler is available for those seeking even smoother movement over challenging terrains.

The GOAT’s bed box is another testament to its robust design, featuring a 4 x 7-foot diamond-plated floor and aluminum side panels for mounting gear. SylvanSport plans to offer accessory side-mounting hardware for additional equipment such as Rotopax canisters, traction boards, and propane cylinders.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Roof Lifted
Elevate the GOAT’s roof to accommodate larger cargo, including ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and more.

At its core, the GOAT remains true to the GO formula that has sustained SylvanSport’s success for twenty years. Its aluminum chassis and exoskeleton maintain a low base weight of 1,200 lb, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of tow vehicles, from small crossovers to heavy-duty pickups. The exo-frame serves multiple functions, acting as a base rack for transporting bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, and even larger gear like ATVs or motorcycles. The trailer boasts a payload capacity of 950 lb.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Offroad Specs
Significant updates include all-terrain tires, steel wheels, increased ground clearance, and Timbren’s off-road suspension.

Brandon Miller, the chief engineer behind the GOAT, emphasizes its dual performance capabilities, highlighting its exceptional utility both off and on the road. The trailer’s versatility extends to its ability to transport a wide variety of loads, from outdoor adventure gear to landscape supplies and building materials.

Despite its rugged features, the GOAT retains elements that might seem delicate for hardcore off-roaders, such as the rotomolded poly-composite front storage box and fenders. However, this material is as durable as it is in other tough applications like bear-resistant coolers and unsinkable watercraft.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Tent Setup
The SylvanSport GOAT, equipped with its tent, is all set for camping.

The camping experience with the GOAT is as innovative as its transportation capabilities. The aluminum exoskeleton can be cranked up to serve as the frame for a deployable tent, transforming the trailer into a four-sleeper camper with ample headroom and a detachable table for dining. While it lacks built-in cooking or bathroom amenities, SylvanSport offers a range of add-ons, including a standalone outdoor kitchen and a comprehensive “Off Grid” package featuring a privacy tent, portable toilet, and other accessories.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Dining
Enjoy meals in the GOAT with its convenient, detachable dining table setup.

SylvanSport has made the ‘GO All-Terrain’ available in three different trims. The base model is priced at $18,495, offering the core features that define this versatile trailer. For those seeking additional conveniences, the “BIG” package at $19,995 includes extras like a full-size spare tire and wheel, an awning, and mattresses. The top-tier “All Out” package, priced at $21,995, includes everything from the BIG package, plus the standalone outdoor kitchen, a screen room, a solar kit, and more, catering to those who wish to maximize their off-grid camping experience.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Size
Measuring just over 13 feet in length and 4.8 feet in height, the GOAT is a compact micro-camper designed for off-road adventures.

Source: SylvanSport