Bois Perdus: A flexible tiny house by Baluchon

Baluchon Bois Perdus Tiny House
The Bois Perdus rests upon a dual-axle trailer framework, stretching to a length of 20 feet. Images courtesy Baluchon

In the realm of innovative housing, the Bois Perdus, crafted by Baluchon, exemplifies the growing trend of adaptable tiny houses that cater to both work and living needs. The Bois Perdus, which translates to “Lost Woods” in English, draws inspiration from the iconic Legend of Zelda video game series, reflecting a blend of creativity and functionality in its design. This towable dwelling, constructed on a double-axle trailer, measures 20 feet (6 meters) in length and showcases a thoughtful use of space and natural light.

The exterior of the Bois Perdus features red cedar cladding combined with an aluminum roof and accents, providing a modern and durable finish. One of the house’s standout attributes is its ample glazing, allowing for a flood of natural light that enhances the interior’s spacious feel.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a cozy living room equipped with a sofa, a small loft for additional storage, and a compact wood-burning stove. This stove is capable of heating the entire house, ensuring comfort throughout the seasons.

Initially serving as a home office, the living space includes a designated area for a desk and computer equipment. However, the Bois Perdus is designed with flexibility in mind, with plans to incorporate a kitchen unit in the near future as the owner transitions to using the space as a full-time residence.

Baluchon Bois Perdus Tiny House Living Room
Guests stepping into the Bois Perdus are welcomed into its light-filled living area, featuring a comfortable sofa and a compact loft space for storage.

Adjacent to the living area, Baluchon ingeniously integrates a crafting zone beneath the staircase that houses a folding table for a sewing machine and shelving for materials, demonstrating the home’s versatility and consideration for hobbyists.

Baluchon Bois Perdus Tiny House Office
Currently, the Bois Perdus’ designated kitchen space is occupied by a spacious home office setup.

The bathroom, located opposite the living room, maintains the theme of natural light with a window complementing its shower, sink, and toilet facilities. Privacy and functionality coexist in this compact but efficient space.

Baluchon Bois Perdus Tiny House Bathroom
The bathroom in the Bois Perdus is equipped with a shower, a sink, and a toilet.

The bedroom, accessible via the storage-integrated staircase, is a loft-style space characteristic of tiny houses. It features minimal headroom but comfortably accommodates a double bed and a pair of nightstands, offering a cozy retreat.

Baluchon Bois Perdus Tiny House Storage-Integrated Staircase
In the Bois Perdus, a staircase with built-in storage leads up to the loft bedroom.

While the exact cost of the Bois Perdus remains undisclosed, it’s noted that Baluchon’s models typically start at €85,000 (approximately US$92,930). This pricing gives potential buyers an idea of the investment required for a tiny house that promises a blend of work-life balance, customization, and the unique opportunity to transition from a dedicated office space to a full-time dwelling.

Baluchon Bois Perdus Tiny House Bedroom
The sole bedroom in the Bois Perdus is fashioned in the common tiny house loft style with a low ceiling and a double bed.
Baluchon Bois Perdus Tiny House Crafting Area
The crafting space within the Bois Perdus comes with a foldable table designed to accommodate a sewing machine.

Source: Baluchon