Soleolico wind turbine integrates solar panels into its blades

Soleolico Wind Turbine with Solar Panels
In Santander, at the Palacio de la Magdalena, Soleolico unveiled a pioneering wind turbine featuring photovoltaic panels on its rotating blades, harnessing both wind and solar power for round-the-clock electricity generation. Images courtesy Soleolico

In an era increasingly focused on renewable energy and sustainable practices, a groundbreaking technology was unveiled at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander, Spain, on October 6th, 2023. Dubbed Soleolico, this innovation represents a significant leap forward in renewable energy generation, combining the forces of wind and solar power into a single, efficient system. Developed after more than a decade of research and an investment exceeding 5 million euros, Soleolico stands out as the world’s first wind turbine to incorporate photovoltaic panels into its blades.

The genesis of Soleolico

Soleolico’s inception can be traced back to the collaborative effort of numerous individuals, whose combined ingenuity and perseverance brought this concept to fruition. Over time, more than 30 prototypes were developed, each iteration bringing them closer to the optimal blend of functionality and efficiency. As explained by Carlos Serrada, President and Founder of Soleolico, the turbine features aerodynamic “sails” equipped with a patented magnetic blade guidance system. This innovation allows the turbine to precisely orient its blades according to the wind direction, maximizing energy capture.

A confluence of technologies

What sets the Soleolico wind turbine apart is not just its ability to generate wind energy, but its integration of solar panels into the turbine blades. This dual-capacity generation system ensures a continuous energy supply, leveraging solar power by day and wind power both day and night. Moreover, the turbine is coated with a unique, patented material that absorbs and transforms CO2, contributing to air purification.

As a vertical-axis wind turbine, Soleolico boasts numerous advantages over traditional turbines, including higher efficiency, the ability to harness various wind types, and a reduced visual and environmental footprint. Its design allows for easy installation, maintenance, and features a low noise output and minimal wildlife risk.

Soleolico Wind Turbine with Solar Panels Wind Farm
Future wind farms might favor compact vertical axis turbines, as Oxford Brookes University’s research shows they surpass traditional models by over 15%, especially when paired.

Environmental impact and aesthetics

Soleolico is described as the “First Technological Tree,” blending seamlessly with its environment while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Its innovative design and technology allow for a performance increase of up to 25% compared to conventional wind turbines. When installed in proximity to other Soleolico units, a synergistic effect can boost performance by an additional 15%.

The turbine’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from self-consumption setups to distributed generation and grid-connected generation parks. It can integrate with any energy storage solution on the market, featuring advanced battery recharge management for enhanced performance and durability.

Transforming CO2 absorption

Soleolico Wind Turbine with Solar Panels Team
Soleolico’s unique blades are coated with Pure.Tech technology, a solution that actively absorbs CO2, contributing to cleaner air with every rotation.

In collaboration with Pure.Tech, Soleolico’s tower coating uses technology that absorbs CO2, equating the installation of 1,000 units to the absorption capacity of 287 trees annually. This innovation underscores Soleolico’s commitment to not only generating renewable energy but also actively contributing to environmental purification.

Market positioning and future plans

Pablo Fernández de la Torre, CEO and partner of Soleolico, highlighted the technology’s alignment with the future energy market’s demands for accessibility, sustainability, and stability. The turbine’s design and operational efficiency promise competitive energy costs, making renewable energy more accessible. Furthermore, the company aims to capture 1% of the global renewable energy market within the next 10-15 years, which would entail the production and sale of 3-4 million Soleolico units.

Ideal use cases and geographical suitability

Soleolico wind turbine is optimally designed for regions with constant wind, high solar irradiation, moderate temperatures, and minimal shading. Its applications are particularly relevant for islands, remote areas, and regions with limited energy access, as well as spaces where environmental and aesthetic considerations are paramount.

Soleolico Wind Turbine with Solar Panels Geographical Suitability
Soleolico thrives in diverse environments, from coastal to urban areas, thanks to its adaptable design for optimal wind and solar energy capture.

In conclusion, Soleolico wind turbine represents a significant innovation in renewable energy technology, promising a more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly approach to energy generation. Its unique integration of wind and solar power, coupled with its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, positions Soleolico as a key player in the global transition towards renewable energy sources.

Source: Soleolico