Damon’s on-the-fly transforming electric motorcycles

Damon Motorcycles HyperFighter
The Damon HyperFighter super naked is available in three trims. Images courtesy Damon Motorcycles

In an era where sustainability meets performance, Damon Motorcycles stands out with its innovative approach to electric two-wheelers. While electric motorcycles have long been synonymous with urban commuting, Damon is redefining the narrative by catering to the high-performance segment with its HyperSport and HyperFighter models. These motorcycles are not just about getting from point A to B; they are about merging speed, safety, and sustainability in a package that appeals to both enthusiasts and eco-conscious riders.

Damon’s foray into the electric motorcycle industry is marked by significant technological advancements aimed at enhancing the overall riding experience. At the heart of these innovations is the HyperDrive™ electric powertrain, a modular and scalable battery system that doubles as the motorcycle’s core structure. This design not only reduces the bike’s weight for improved performance but also extends its range, pushing the boundaries of electric motorcycle engineering.

Safety is paramount in Damon’s vision, as demonstrated by the CoPilot™ advanced safety system. This technology utilizes a blend of radar, cameras, and non-visual sensors to provide 360-degree awareness of the motorcycle’s surroundings. By offering real-time hazard alerts, CoPilot™ significantly enhances road safety, potentially reducing accident rates among riders.

Rider comfort is addressed through Damon’s SHIFT™ technology, allowing for on-the-fly ergonomic adjustments. Whether navigating city traffic or embarking on a long-distance journey, SHIFT™ ensures an optimal riding posture, emphasizing the company’s dedication to versatility and rider well-being.

Damon Motorcycles HyperDrive
Integrated as the structural frame of every Damon motorcycle, the HyperDrive™ technology serves as the foundational structure, resulting in a lighter frame, enhanced maneuverability, and lower maintenance needs.

Addressing a critical aspect of electric vehicle ownership, Damon motorcycles are designed for utmost charging convenience, ensuring you can power up anywhere—be it at home, on the road, or even at the track. The motorcycles come equipped with built-in level 1, level 2, and Rapid CCS charging capabilities, making recharging sessions quick and effortless.

Riders can charge their bikes at any compatible station or through a J1772 compliant Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) right in their own homes. Furthermore, thanks to the CCS fast charging feature, Damon motorcycles can be powered up in just minutes. This significant reduction in downtime enhances the overall riding experience and underlines Damon’s commitment to promoting the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions by ensuring rider convenience.

Damon Motorcycles Fast Charging
Fast charging restores 132 miles in just 30 minutes, compatible with Level 1, 2, and CCS chargers at all suitable locations.

The Damon HyperSport exemplifies the marriage of performance and innovation, boasting 200 horsepower, 200 Nm torque, and a top speed of 200 miles per hour. Its range of up to 200 miles on a single charge sets a new standard for electric motorcycles. Available in several models including the Premier, HS, SX, and SE, with prices ranging from $19,000 to $40,000, the HyperSport caters to a wide array of preferences and budgets. A $100 fully refundable deposit secures a reservation for interested buyers.

Damon Motorcycles Shift Techology
Damon’s SHIFT™ technology allows riders to transform effortlessly between sport and commuter position while they ride.

For those seeking a blend of power and urban agility, the Damon HyperFighter offers an enticing proposition. With 200 horsepower, 200 Nm torque, and a top speed of 170 miles per hour, it delivers an exhilarating ride. Its estimated range of 146 miles ensures that urban adventures are never short-lived. The HyperFighter comes in COLOSSUS, Unlimited 20, and Unlimited 15 models, priced at $35,000, $25,000, and $19,000 respectively. Reservations require a $250 fully refundable deposit.

Damon Motorcycles Co-Pilot
Damon motorcycles redefine riding intuition with their CoPilot™ tech, offering 360-degree awareness for unparalleled road insight.

Damon Motorcycles’ integration of cutting-edge technology into high-performance electric motorcycles heralds a new era for enthusiasts and eco-conscious riders alike. By focusing on speed, safety, and sustainability, Damon is not merely advancing motorcycle technology; it is championing a sustainable future in transportation. With models like the HyperSport and HyperFighter, Damon demonstrates its commitment to innovation, pushing the envelope of what electric motorcycles can achieve.

Damon Motorcycles HyperSport
The Damon HyperSport sets new standards in aerodynamics, reducing drag across all speeds to achieve an impressive 200-mile city and highway combined range.

Source: Damon Motorcycles