Giro Aerohead II bike helmet is designed to ride in the aero position

Giro Aerohead II Bike Helmet
The Aerohead II helmet: Clearly not designed for casual city cycling. Images courtesy Team Visma/Lease a Bike

In the realm of competitive cycling, where milliseconds can dictate the difference between victory and defeat, the Giro Aerohead II emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Officially announced on March 4th, 2024, this bike helmet is the result of a collaboration between American helmet manufacturer Giro and Team Visma/Lease a Bike, a renowned Dutch bicycle racing team. With its debut, the Aerohead II is poised to become an essential component for cyclists seeking an aerodynamic advantage in time trial racing.

The genesis of the Aerohead helmet dates back to 1986 when Giro designed the original model for American racing cyclist Greg LeMond. This helmet became a part of cycling history when LeMond clinched victory in the 1989 Tour de France, securing his win by a narrow margin of just eight seconds. The original Aerohead’s success on the world stage led to its adoption as a commercially available model, setting the stage for its successors.

The Giro Aerohead II stands out not only for its distinctive appearance but also for its heightened focus on aerodynamics. The helmet features a bold, wedge-shaped “nose cone” and a tapered tail section designed to align seamlessly with the rider’s shoulders. This design minimizes air resistance, allowing for optimal aerodynamic efficiency when the rider is in the aero position. Compared to its predecessor, the Aerohead II boasts a more radical look, prioritizing performance over traditional aesthetics.

A significant upgrade in the Aerohead II is its enlarged transparent visor, which encircles the lower part of the helmet’s nose. This enhancement offers cyclists improved visibility, a critical factor during high-speed races. The visor’s design represents a thoughtful balance between aerodynamic performance and practical usability.

Giro Aerohead II Bike Helmet Aero Position
Aerohead II bike helmet is specially designed for riding in the aero position.

Before its official release, the Giro Aerohead II underwent rigorous testing throughout the winter season. Its competitive debut occurred at the opening time trial of the Tirreno-Adriatico road cycling stage race in Italy, marking a significant milestone in its journey from concept to competition.

Team Visma/Lease a Bike’s initial reaction to the helmet underscores the balance between innovation and adaptation in professional cycling. Mathieu Heijboer, the team’s head of performance, remarked on the riders’ initial surprise at the helmet’s unconventional design. However, skepticism quickly gave way to acceptance as the tangible performance gains became evident through testing.

Giro Aerohead II Bike Helmet Visor Transparent
Tucked riders peer ahead through a wraparound visor beneath the helmet’s nose.

As the Giro Aerohead II is custom-made for each rider, pricing information is not widely available, reflecting the bespoke nature of this advanced cycling gear. For teams and individual cyclists interested in the Aerohead II, direct inquiries to Giro or authorized distributors would be the best approach to understanding the investment required for this aerodynamic advantage.

Giro Aerohead II Bike Helmet UCI Regulations
Aerohead II bike helmets are custom-made for each rider and comply with UCI regulations.

Source: Team Visma/Lease a Bike, Giro