Fugu Inflatable Suitcase transforms from carry-on to full-size in seconds

Fugu inflatable suitcase goes from carry-on to full size in seconds

High-tech luggage is a pretty hot trend right now. However, the Fugu suitcase is a bit different though. It lacks the digital bells and whistles of its techy competitors, but it excels on the design front – this suitcase is inflatable.

The usual carry-on luggage capacity is fine when you are traveling to a destination. However, on your way back, you often have several additional items in your bag, and that is where the conventional carry-on bag falls short. The Fugu luggage eliminates the need for an extra suitcase in such circumstances.

Fugu suitcase can inflate from the size of a carry-on to that of a full-size suitcase in less than a minute

The inflation can be carried out in a number of ways:

  • Pressing a button in order to activate the built-in electric pump
  • Externally attaching any regular air pump
  • Breathing into an external tube

Fugu’s unique name comes from the Japanese word for puffer fish, which also expands in size. The suitcase answers the question that Fugu vice president Daniel Gindis says all travelers face: “Should I take the carry-on or the full-size suitcase?”

The company states that the Fugu suitcase is made out of ABS plastic and internal drop stitching for the inflatable walls. This design is commonly used in inflatable stand-up paddleboards, and is extremely rigid.

Fugu mentions a variety of different uses for the suitcase. In addition to providing more room for your clothes, Fugu’s suitcase comes with a set of removable shelves that allow it to function like a temporary dresser. It can even be used as a table or laptop stand. A set of Omni-directional wheels assist in rolling it through a crowded airport terminal.

Fugu luggage can also be used as a portable table – laptop stand, makeup dresser, or reading desk

Fugu could be the perfect suitcase for the traveler who likes to pack light en route to their favorite destination but needs the extra space for family gifts and personal collectibles on the return journey. The company says the suitcase is shock-absorbent and super durable; and that sounds great. It will be interesting to see if it can hold up against the treatment received at the hands of the airlines – can it withstand going down a conveyor and/or being thrown around in the cargo hold by baggage handlers?