Mahaton self-cleaning water bottle with wireless charging

Mahaton Bottle is a wireless charging self-cleaning water bottle. It uses a mercury-free UV-C LED to purify the water.

There is no arguing that water is necessary for our survival. However, most of the common sources of water around do more harm than good. According to the World Health Organization, about 30% of the world’s population get their drinking water from a contaminated source. Drinking unsafe water could result in devastating health consequences such as diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis, heavy-metal accumulation and poisoning, etc.

The Mahaton self-cleaning water bottle hopes to revolutionize drinking water purification with its cutting-edge technology. The bottle is designed to keep the water inside pure, safe, and 100% fit for drinking at all times. Most of all, the bottle is self-cleaning. You need not go through the hard work of finding a suitable cleaning method as with most other water bottles.

Design and features

The Mahaton Bottle is a 9.4″ masterpiece that is packed with numerous features that help purify your water and ensures it stays pure. Constructed from BPA free stainless steel, the water bottle can hold no more than 350 ml of water at a go. The bottle comes with a mercury-free UV-C LED. There is a water-level mark that lets you know how much water you have in your bottle at any point in time.

Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in 90 seconds

The sterilize feature is arguably the most important feature of the Mahaton self-cleaning water bottle. The bottle sterilizes water by employing ultra-violet light- one of the safest and most-effective sterilization methods. The sterilization technology is from Silicon Valley and extensive tests have shown the bottle capable of killing 99.99% of bacterial contaminants in 90 seconds. Even NASA uses this technology to sterilize the drinking water of their space travelers.

Smart lid

The Mahaton self-cleaning bottle comes with a smart lid that houses the wireless charging feature. The Mahaton logo on the only button you need to power on your smart bottle. Touching the logo for 2 seconds puts your bottle in the breathing standby state. To enter the water purification mode, simply tap the logo twice.

Aesthetically-pleasing modern design

The Mahaton Bottle is not just another thermos flask. Its design is functional, sleek, modern, and artistic and it’s intended to align with your style and interest. Everything about the bottle is pleasing to the eyes but it’s particularly hard to not fall in love with the beautifully smooth and straightforward lines as well as the gray meranti color system.

Wireless charging

In a bid to make the bottle as convenient and practical as possible, the Mahaton Bottle features wireless charging technology that makes light work of charging the Li-Polymer battery. This further enhances the bottle’s credential as the best alternative to bottled water. You can now contribute your quota to saving the environment without jeopardizing your health.

Pricing info

The manufacturers hope to make the Mahaton self-cleaning water bottle as affordable as possible. In their own words “we believe that the purpose of cutting-edge technology is to make people’s lives better without leaving anyone behind. Having access to pure water should be a fundamental right in our future, and this key principle reflects on our pricing.”

The bottle is currently at the crowdfunding stage and you can check out the Kickstarter page to see the available pledges and rewards.