Gravastar Bluetooth Speakers: Inspired by Sci-Fi movies and games

Gravastar Venus & Mars - Bluetooth speakers from outer space?

Here on Earth, we enjoy our sounds loud and clear. Not sure about outer space, but I would imagine if Martians and Venetians had some beats to drop, they’d want to hear them crisply and clearly too. But until we meet those life forms, we will have to settle for our science-fiction vision of their tech.

Bluetooth speakers have been around for years. Some brands make pretty fantastic ones. But with so many brands out there and the tech so popular, the creativity has lost a bit of steam. Enter Gravastar technology! Gravastar Bluetooth speakers are uniquely designed as futuristic mobile bots. They are here to inject some much-needed creativity into the Bluetooth speaker market and shake things up.

At this point, the Gravastar family is composed of two members: Mars (the big brother) and Venus (the little brother). Now before you go and think that these are just two models performing the same function, think again! Mars is larger and better suited for a stationary position, such as bookshelves and desks, spicing up the room with its futuristic presence. On the other hand, Venus aims to be a portable companion that can travel the world with you. And while Venus is smaller than Mars, it is not far behind in the futuristic design or the massively bass-heavy sound.

Gravastar Venus

The Gravastar Bluetooth speakers seem to have jumped through time and landed in ours. You can regard the Gravastar races as telepathic. Putting two Venus Bluetooth players in the same room will let you experience an all-encompassing, immersive sound experience. While small enough to be carried with you wherever you go, its tough outer shell design allows it a significant level of stability when playing the bass turned up to 11. The sound may shake your home, but the Gravastar Venus will stand firm.

But for a rough, tough little bot, the Gravastar Venus brings the party wherever it travels. It’s available in 4 different shell colors (shadow black, dawn white, flame red, and aurora green). The Venus has 6 RGB lights suited into its outer armor. It won’t just bring the party, it will light it up as well.

Venus goes to prove that it’s not the size of the speaker in the bot, it’s the size of the bass it will pump! An internal mobile diaphragm at the back of the Venus pumps a ton of air, amplifying the bass that comes out of the tiny speaker. It’s no wonder Venus is best equipped with a hard metallic shell and shock absorbers on tripods. If the volume is your concern, rest easy. Casual listeners will need to turn down the sound from Venus. It’s just simply too strong with a powerful sound stemming from its 1.75 inches 10W full range heart of a speaker. The sound is so powerful you can visually see the sound vibrations. Pair two Venus’s together and you can rock a party in the warehouse if you wish! (Warehouse not included!)

Powerful Bluetooth reach is not off the table either. With a range of 15m, you can’t miss the music from the neighboring room. The audio delay is a mere 60ms, something that won’t be noticeable even by the most expert of ears (we’re looking at you, gamers).

Venus stands up to the rigors of use in a couple of key ways. For one, its battery charges quickly and buys you 10 hours of playtime. It would need to be a seriously long party for the battery to die out on this little powerhouse. On top of that, Venus is splashproof, including its waterproof USB-C charging port.

Gravastar Mars

The Gravastar Mars is a more intimidating creature with a centered green light that makes it look like a fusion reactor. Though Mars was released last year, the current model has been redesigned with tight, Zinc Alloy, and sleek angles. Futuristically inspired built-in psychedelic lights round out the design of something that just landed from an alien world.

Its appearance is not for looks alone. It is formed to let sound waves resonate, thereby enhancing the audio broadcast from its 3.53lbs (1.6 kg) body, which stands upon tripod legs. Much like the venus, its sound may boom the surrounding, but Mars will not budge.

Pricing and Availability

If you sound intrigued, you are not alone. But at this point, it might be fair to ask how much these futuristic gadgets go for. The Gravastar Bluetooth speakers are currently in the production stage, and shipping will begin in October 2020. You can pre-order now via the Gravastar website and get them at discounted prices.

As to the pricing, the Gravastar Venus is available for $89.95. You can get a Venus charging base for the discounted rate of $29.95.

A Gravastar Mars, typically offered for $199.95, can now be picked up at a 15% discount for $169.95. And a Mars charging base can be yours for just $49.95.

If futuristic tech is to your allure, there has never been a better time than now to contribute to the production and acquire these tiny juggernauts of sound. Fill your home with sound the way it is meant to be heard: clear and loud!