Bloomframe window morphs magically into a balcony within a minute

Bloomframe Window Morphs into Balcony
The Bloomframe window morphs magically into a balcony within 55 seconds. Images © Bloomframe

Many city dwellers dream of having an apartment with its own balcony, but few can afford it. A usable balcony is typically only a feature of more expensive units. All this is changing, however, thanks to the Bloomframe window, the innovative new window design that within 1 minute of being activated, transforms into a real and usable balcony.

What is the Bloomframe window?

When closed up, the Bloomframe window looks just like any other apartment building window that you’ve seen before. However, at the touch of a button, components start to move and the formerly flat plane of the window folds outward to create a usable balcony, totaling up to 3 square meters at the largest specification, Dimension XXL.

The Bloomframe window is available in 3 different specifications, namely Dimension L, Dimension XL, and Dimension XXL:

  • Dimension L – 1700mm W x 2400mm H
  • Dimension XL – 2300mm W x 2400mm H
  • Dimension XXL   – 3000mm W x 2400mm H

Although the windows can be made wider, the standard depth of 1050mm cannot be enlarged. The window is being engineered and manufactured by Portalp France, with first deliveries scheduled for Q4, 2021.

Where can the Bloomframe window be used?

The relative simplicity of the Bloomframe makes the scope of application incredibly wide. The window can be used on private apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, new construction projects, in private residences and houses, as well as retrofitted to just about any existing structure. If there’s space for a window, the Bloomframe can be installed.

During rainfall

The Bloomframe should not be used when it starts to rain, but users don’t have to worry about any water making it indoors. If it starts to rain quite suddenly and you begin the closing process a little late, any water gathered on the glass surface will drain automatically to the outside via a special gutter put in place to redirect any pooled rainwater away from your window cavity.

During a power cut

Another possibility is that your building experiences a power outage. Can you still operate the Bloomframe then? Actually you can. The Bloomframe features a horizontally positioned tubular motor that’s controlled by an electronic system with a manual override. So, you will be able to operate the window even if the power goes out. That’s handy if you need to close it in a hurry but there’s no power.

Benefits of Bloomframe windows

Added space

It may only be up to 3 square meters, but the added space in a small downtown apartment is extremely valuable and useful. The Bloomframe provides a new place to sit and enjoy the sunshine, take a cup of coffee, read the paper…it’s like adding another room onto your living space.

More light and fresh air

Some city apartments suffer because windows are small or they don’t open enough to allow good airflow. During times of uncertain health and global pandemics, ensuring proper airflow in homes is an important feature.

Property value

Finally, the Bloomframe adds a real “wow” factor to your home for a relatively small investment of time and capital. It’s a real standout feature that could just be the final detail that clinches a deal when it comes time to sell or rent-out a property to others.

Learn more about the Bloomframe window from the company’s website.