Wearable device stimulates the Vagus nerve to biohack your parasympathetic nervous system

Pulsetto Wearable Vagus Stimulator
The Pulsetto wearable device aims to reduce stress and improve sleep by stimulating the vagus nerve. Images © Pulsetto

The world in which we live is a stressful, anxious place. Your state of mind can easily become overloaded and disorganized due to stress from your job, relationship, or the grind of daily life. But is there a method to sort through those ideas and get back to the center?

The portable vagus stimulator

Introducing Pulsetto, a brand-new wearable that aims to use vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) to give you back control over your mental health. The vagus nerve is closest to your neck, which is where the device is placed. Pulsetto claims that you will experience peace and relaxation in just 4 minutes. Anywhere you go, it stimulates one’s parasympathetic nervous systems to control and balance your stress and anxiety levels, improve your sleep, and enhance your overall well-being.

The longest and most potent nerve in the body is the vagus nerve. It manages the parasympathetic nervous system, which aids in controlling vital biological processes, including pulse rate, digestion, and others.

Studies suggest that your body can revert to its normal state when the vagus nerve is stimulated because this opens up your parasympathetic nervous system. Your pulse rate will decrease, and you’ll experience a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Pulsetto Wearable Vagus Stimulator Custom Programs
Pulsetto comes with different programs that are tailored to your needs.

Pulsetto claims that it takes up to four minutes to feel more at ease and less anxious when the device “turns on” your vagus nerve. Your PSNS kicks in at this period, decreasing your heart rate, reducing your stress responses, and calming your entire body. They further mention that your body and mind can be fully recovered in about 14 days by wearing the gadget around your neck for four minutes each day.

Pulsetto is made of sturdy plastic and is made to be small and lightweight, making it simple to handle and use anywhere. Very light; designed to fit users snugly and comfortably, allowing you to wear it around your neck and conveniently forget about it.

Simple to adjust

The portable vagus stimulator can be easily adjusted to fit any neck size.

Quite robust and adaptable

Pulsetto Flexible

The wearable device may be stretched and twisted without breaking, making regular use simple. Pulsetto is equipped with different programs tailored to users’ needs and requirements. Depending on your condition, you can choose the program that will help you the most to relieve stress and anxiety and improve your sleeping routine.

User-friendly Pulsetto app

The device works in tandem with the innovative and user-friendly Pulsetto app. The manufacturers state that it employs a proprietary algorithm of electrical impulses calibrated to a specific ratio of voltage to amplitude. With customizable stimulation levels, it provides five programs that aim to lessen stress, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as pain and burnout.

Pricing and availability

The Pulsetto portable vagus stimulator is currently available on Indiegogo InDemand. Provided that all goes as planned with the campaign, you can get the wearable device at a 26% discount now for about $238, thanks to an early Valentine’s Day special offer. The planned retail price is $325.

Source: Pulsetto